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a&bé bridal shop features unique and modern bridal styles including romantic, vintage, and boho. Locations in Dallas, Denver, Minneapolis, and Miami.  

Anna Maier

Anna Maier wedding dresses are simply sublime. From hand-placed lace that shapes and accents the female form to sumptuously draped satin gowns, the Anna Maier collection is available exclusively in minnesota at a&be bridal shop. Bridal gown collection begins at $4,200 Click here to find your Anna Maier wedding dress!

Our Current Loves From Anna Maier:

Leanne Marshall Bridal gowns, a&bé bridal shop denver, co
Leanne Marshall Bridal gowns, a&bé bridal shop denver, co

Discover Designer Charles Bunstine for Anna Maier

A little Q&A with the designer Charles Bunstine:

Q. What is your design inspiration?

A: I have lived in the fashion industry for most of my life.  On a pretty constant basis, I am seeing things that I collect and filter and somehow they find their way to the things that inspire me creatively.  The “things” are old and new, and they really come from the constant consideration of those things that capture my eye.  I never look at bridal really, I am looking at all that is fashion; the bridal element for my designs is the narrowing of the color pallet to tones of white.

Most people around me are accomplished in their own rite in our industry.  We have enjoyed a constant dialogue of fashion.  It is a wonderful and ever evolving world we experience.  Narrowing the experience leads to the resulting work while the inspiration is constant and very broad.

Q. Two Little Known Facts about you

In today’s world and, having lived a pretty public life professionally, there is a lot out there so “little known” is tough . . .Thinking about it, I can’t really think of two little know things that interesting.  I tell a lot of stories, ask around, maybe someone who has had to suffer through them has a thing or two.


Q. What is your Personal Style?


I am haunted (though I enjoy it) by a constantly critical eye.  Whether it is in apparel and accessories, or in architecture and interior design, or even with cars and boats; I appreciate things considered, designed and well put together.  I love the subtlety of detail.  That said, subtle is the operative word.  I have always felt that something whispered is some much more powerful than something screamed.


Q. What is your favorite article of clothing?

Not one; many for specific things.  See above.


Q. Favorite Vacation Spot

I am not good at vacations.  I have only taken a few in my life, I always say that I have taken four but now I can only really remember two; they were both on sailboats.  Once we sailed on a fantastic old boat from Monaco to St. Tropez and back  and once we sailed Shamrock V from Newport to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket . . .

My secret is that I am very lucky to do what I do and I love doing it.  I get to travel the most wonderful cities in the world to do it.  Think of it this way, I never work through the night.  My evenings are wonderful vacations that I get to enjoy with those close to me in fantastic places.  Those evenings spent in Paris are really my favorite.


Q. When did you know that you were going to design bridal?

When you have a bridal company and you live your life creatively you are helpless to resist the pull of the product.  I have been designing things since my early twenties at The Limited.  I have made millions of garments from the mass to luxury level.  Having the freedom of a couture make is an incredible luxury in design; we can make anything we imagine.  Since acquiring the company, I evolved its capability to afford that luxury in design.  I have been working with this segment of the fashion industry now for over a decade.


Q. Who is your style icon?

I don’t have one.  Throughout time there are great icons of style from all the creative industries; I can’t narrow that list to even a few so I have a long list.


Q. What is the last great book that you read?

Ken Follett’s Fall of Giants, it was his first of his trilogy about the twentieth century.  It was wonderful to learn how the world was so woven together and yet challenged so to tear itself apart ultimately demanding that the human connection endured above all.


Q. Any advice for brides? 

In shopping for a dress: 

Shop everywhere you can and try on as many dresses as the shops will let you . . .

Just kidding!  Just checking to see if you are still reading this lengthy response.

The reality of what you are looking for is something to fulfill a feeling that you likely have imagined.  What you likely imagined is seeing yourself feeling wonderful about yourself in a really wonderful moment.  Certainly everyone else could only see you the same way were they to love you as you hoped they likely do.  Listen to the positive voice that you hear as you navigate the search for the dress that satisfies your imagination.  It will come from inside of you and you won’t hear it with your ears, you will see it and feel it.  Through all of our work, find your imagination.

About being a bride:

Pay attention and enjoy it.  It is a very rare and wonderful experience; savor every moment.


Q. What makes Anna Maier gowns truly special?

If you were considering what makes a great restaurant truly special, food quality would be a given. Ambiance, service, energy, environment would be variables.  Attitude, tone and perspective would define individuality.  Appreciated creativity would optimize the experience and make it unique.

In our business at our price point, the best materials in the world are not a given though they should be.  Our materials are the best in the world and we have decades of experience in the luxury fashion world that allows us access to the best.  We are fortunate to have these wonderful suppliers collaborate with us refining their materials to our designs.

Our couture make is very special.  It allows us all we do in design.  We make a unique pattern for every one of our clients.  In this, we attempt to marry our designs to the lines of their bodies.  With this capability, we hope to find a sympathetic rhythm that enhances both the client and the design.  We do this while maintaining the retail pricing of sized ready to wear.  When a change is required to a design, we design the change in the context of the client’s need and my design point of view.

While stores sell our gowns, they are my responsibility until they are worn.  We will work incessantly to satisfy our clients.  Client service is something the bride experiences and the stores depend on.  We are devoted to it.

These are great and powerful ingredients.

Creatively we mix them together with a design point of view that is timeless and modern.  We treasure the creative drama created in draping fabric yet we never ignore the powerful line of the body.  We paint it with motifs we discover in our laces and we sculpt it in the placement of our seams.

We seek to mix all of this together to deliver those things imagined . . . it is and effort we attack every day.