aaren - a&bé dallas bridal stylist 


What's on your playlist right now?

I'm honestly a fan of most anything! My radio station tends to stay on Country or Rock more than anything though.

who is your favorite designer?

Oh gosh - that's super hard. I'm going to say Anna Campbell because I've literally loved her designs for years and that's how I initially discovered a&bé.

if you could wear any gown from a&bé, which one would it be?

I have fallen deeply in love with Rebecca Schoneveld's Lumi-Jordan gown. It makes me want to jump around in it all day!

childhood nickname?

I never had a childhood nickname but have you seen the "Substitute Teacher" video from Key and Peele? Ever since that video came out, I will forever answer to A-A-ren.

any pets?

Yes! *heart eyes emoji* I have a 15 pound, sassy mouthed bengal cat named Rowin and he loves to play fetch and cuddle! I would die for this cat.

any secret talents?

I have been known to have the best dance moves in the family! And by the best, I mean the goofiest.

where will you find me when i'm not at a&bé?

If I'm not at a&bé and I'm not at home, I am most definitely out somewhere eating. There are SO many restaurants and cafés and bakeries!

what is your favorite thing or place in dallas?

I recently moved in with my very long-term boyfriend and home is still my favorite place. Pj's and a blanket burrito is the absolute best.

why you will love working with me?

I genuinely love getting to know you as a person so I can help you create the most "you" look for your big day. Feeling like yourself is the most important to me!