allie - a&bé denver bridal stylist


what's on your playlist right now?

Cardi B is who I am. I'm a hip-hop head at heart but I love a good pop song from Demi Lovato or some folky country from Chris Stapleton. f it's got a good beat and I can sing and dance to it, I'm in.

who is your favorite a&bé designer?

No questions, Rue de Seine! Their edgy boho style is everything.

if you could wear any gown from a&bé, which one would it be?

Fun fact - I wore Rue de Seine's Blake on my wedding day! I will be obsessed my gown forever #tassels. 

childhood nickname?


any pets?

My dream is to grow old on a farm with a dozen rescue dogs but for now I have one boxer mix named Lexi that I've had since I found her in college. I also have a Ragdoll cat that my husband bought me for my birthday a couple years ago. He's a lazy, fluffy mess... the cat, not my husband.

where you will find me when i'm not at a&bé?

I love to entertain! I live to throw parties at our house for the superbowl or a birthday, or just having the girls over for some good food and wine. I really enjoy cooking for my friends and family!

what is your favorite thing or place in denver?

Any time I have a friend in town I bring them to Avanti. I just love that place! Awesome cocktails, sweet setup with the different food vendors, great view of the city and easy location! Not to mention, walking distance from a&be!

why you will love working with me?

I'd like to think I'm a somewhat of a comedienne. Your laughter is my fuel!! We'll have so much fun while finding the dress of your dreams and celebrate with some champagne just in time for happy hour!