bethany - a&bé dallas shop manager 


What's on your playlist right now?

All things random! I love lyrics with meaning and music you can dance to so that comes down to - a little bit of everything!

who is your favorite designer?

Depends what moment you catch me in! I truly love each of our designers for different reasons. Ask me why I love any given designer and I will honestly ramble for ages. It’s a gown-nerd thing I guess.

if you could wear any gown from a&bé, which one would it be?

What a question! Moonlight Valentina by Rue De Seine, maybe?

childhood nickname?

My family calls me Boo but I'll answer to most anything (B, Nay-Nay, etc.) but never Beth! I just can’t seem to get on board with that one.

any pets?

No no. I’m not cut out for the commitment of dog-mom life.

any secret talents?

I love to paint and write but talent in those areas? Debatable.

where will you find me when i'm not at a&bé?

Probably eating. Food is the best thing about Dallas. So much good food! I have 1,000 recommendations for you if you ever need one!

what is your favorite thing or place in dallas?

I can’t pick one. I love the Dallas Museum of Art, my balcony downtown, and Cafe Madrid which (coming from someone who has never been to Spain) is the best Spanish tapas bar under the sun.

why you will love working with me?

You’ll love working with me because I am always on your side and care so deeply about your experience throughout the wild wedding planning season. Basically, you’ve got a friend in me.