Style Has No Size / Women of All Sizes Bridal from Rebecca Schoneveld

Today’s bridal boss babes come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, ethnicities and body types. Enter Women of All Sizes…a stunning collection from established cool bride designer, Rebecca Schoneveld, who is on the forefront of inclusivity. Inclusive of all identifiers, and for the bridal gowns that she designs, inclusive of all body types that are traditionally seen as either petite or plus size. Rebecca saw that every woman should not feel limited to only a handful of styles because her body is a certain size.

When we read the ethos behind the concept of Women of All Sizes, “the reason we exist is to make you feel like your authentic self and have your wedding gown be a mirror of the beauty inside your soul,” it spoke to us! This is a mantra for our shop and truly something that resonates with us at a&bé.

We are excited to showcase a capsule Trunk Show of these beautiful bridal gowns with our upcoming Rebecca Schoneveld Trunk Shows at both our Denver and Miami shops this October, and at our newest shops, Seattle and Portland in December!


Style has no size, and with that in mind, Women of All Sizes has a comprehensive size chart that covers everyone from a size 00 to 30, and without an extra charge that can sometimes come with the “plus” sizes. Real women have curves, some don’t. Real women have tone, some don’t. Real women are EVERYTHING... Because you are real, and you should have a bridal look that shows the beauty of YOU.