Bohemian Curves by Rish Bridal Atelier / An Exclusive Line for #aandbabes

A little over a year ago, we fatefully stumbled upon a new wedding dress designer from Tel Aviv, Israel, who was showing his bridal dresses for the first time in the US at Bridal Fashion Week. We immediately knew we had discovered a gem and couldn’t wait to bring his gorgeous wedding dresses back to all of our a&bé locations. Wedding dress designer Rish Bridal Atelier immediately and effortlessly found its home with our #aandbabes. Their whimsical, romantic wedding dresses spoke to our free-spirited brides. Not only are the designs drool-worthy, but the fit of each wedding dress is unbelievable. Yoav Rish knows how to flatter any body type, and it’s hard not to slip into one of his creations and not do a double-take in the mirror.

After having the wedding dresses in our shops for just a short time, we knew that we had found something special and immediately began collaborating with Rish Bridal Atelier on our first exclusive plus-size collection for a&bé. In the bridal world, we understand that one size does not fit all, so we wanted to create a collection that was sizing-inclusive, but that didn’t compromise on style. All of the bridal gowns in the new Bohemian Curves by Rish Bridal for a&bé collection are fashion forward. The dresses are designed for the modern, bohemian and romantic bride with killer style.  

This wedding dress collection will be hitting all a&be locations (denver, minneapolis, dallas, miami, portland and seattle) this spring, and the collection ranges from $2,860 - $3,450 and can accommodate any size (including more petite sizes), and all of the dresses are designed with delicate chiffons, unique and modern laces and intricate hand beading.

We are so excited to share these beautiful gowns with you, but even more excited for you to try them on in person. But don’t take it from us, take it from our very first Bohemian Curves #aandbabe who shared her shopping experience in Denver:

I am so very glad to have found my dream dress at a&bé! Because I am taller and curvier than most girls (Lots of T and A if you know what I’m sayin’!), I dreaded dress shopping, knowing that I’m not an easy fit (but to be honest, I’m not really plus sized either- somewhere in between and very hourglass in shape). The first dress store I visited confirmed my worst nightmares- nothing on the racks fit, and even though they left the dresses unzipped and pinned them to me, each was frumpy and unflattering, leaving me devastated. That’s when I picked up the phone and made a call to a&be. I talked to Katie Ellis, who assured me that she WOULD find me my dress. I went in apprehensively, literally close to tears before I even began looking, but Katie went right to work undeterred- compassionate to my fears, but confident in her abilities as a stylist and in the wonderful array of beautiful dresses at this unique store. Why are these dresses unique, you ask? A&be has taken special care to carry dresses in a wide variety of dresses in styles, sizes and price ranges; I can’t imagine any bride walking in here and not falling in love with “the dress” for them, especially with the knowledgeable girls there to help! In my specific situation, a&be is the shop for me because they are the only store in Colorado to carry dresses from Rish Bridal Atelier, a designer who has a line of dresses called Bohemian Curves by Rish. You read that right- dresses for girls WITH curves! It was like literally every dress I put on from Rish (both from the curves collection and his other dresses) was made for me. If you dig the bohemian, flowy look (which is perfect for the quintessential Colorado wedding!), you should definitely check out his dresses, no matter your size or body type. I am so stoked about the one I selected (Shhhh! I can’t tell you which one!)!
Though Rish was the designer that best fit the style and mood of my wedding as well as my curvaceous bod, a&bé had other dresses that I also liked very much; this store certainly understands the importance of making a bride feel beautiful and giving her lots of options. Katie made sure to listen to my likes and dislikes and guide me in an honest and kind way towards dresses that would make me feel good to try on, not ones that would make me feel disheartened. It was also fun to see other lovely ladies trying on all different kinds of styles, each obviously having the positive experience I was having!
I strongly recommend that any bride-to-be visit a&be. If you’re rolling solo you’ll feel like you’ve got your best girlfriends along because the friendly staff is there to offer honest advice and share in the fun of this special part of planning the BIG DAY. If you’re friends and fam are able to join you, they break out the champagne and make everyone feel welcome. So cheers to us, Ladies, for finding the one- both the man and the dress!

Photographer: Anna Boardman / Venue: Fig + Yarrow / Hair + Makeup: Elizabeth DiGiorgio with the Storybrick Salon





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