Where To Find a Wedding Dress On a Short Timeline

featured designers: Made With Love / Truvelle / Katie May / Laudae / Alexandra Grecco

Being a bride is stressful. Being a bride on a short timeline, well... that can feel like like absolute chaos. It doesn’t have to though. The plus side of the rising population in Portland, OR  is that with the crowds came more unique, creative businesses & designers to calm your wedding dress stress. While there is no shortage of gowns to choose from, when calling around you will probably hear the same, “You’re going to have to buy off of our floor if you don’t have 6 months” speech. That just isn’t true. So how do you get the gown of your dreams, without the full order time?   

1) Look for small, independent wedding dress designers.

Typically smaller bridal designers have exclusivity with one bridal store in a specific area. The Portland, OR area has Made With Love, a collection that definitely suits a soft, romantic PNW wedding. They are our favorite designer to work with when time isn’t on your side. For $300, they will allow a 6 week rush. You could be rocking Sasha flawlessly on your big day, with no stress and more than enough time for alterations.

2) Choose a wedding dress designer who will give you a more customized look, so you can spend less time trying to get it right with your seamstress.

If you’ve looked everywhere, and haven’t found the gown of your dreams...well girl, it is time to start customizing. Truvelle, located exclusively in the Portland, OR area at a&bé bridal shop, has a seemingly endless amount of customizations that ensure your wedding gown feels like you! Want to change the color on Carrall? No problem. Want to add a Bow to Mary? Sure, why not? Want to put the Top of Carrall on the bottom of Mary? THEY CAN DO THAT TOO! So for the girl who wants it all and wants it made to order, Truvelle is the brand for you.

3) Order your wedding dress with split sizing, and save serious time and money down the line!

When you’ve found THE DRESS, it is time to get your measurements. Your consultant sizes you, and informs you that your bust, your waist, and your hips are falling into 3 different sizes. What are you supposed to do?? Split that size! Not all designers have this option, but it's great to do in a time crunch. Katie May is queen when it comes to sizing options and varied lengths. With custom sizing her fitted, low-back wedding gown is all ready for your Edgefield Vineyard wedding!

4) Don’t compromise your ethics, just to get the wedding gown.

You want to feel confident that when looking back at your wedding, you stuck to your guns and didn’t compromise your morals. Your dress should be no different. One of the reasons we love our Portland, OR brides SO much is that they are conscious shoppers who are environmentally minded, and quality driven. That is why we were so excited when Laudae entered the bridal world. Not only are their bold laces and amazing details so #ontrend, their 25-year-old designer Gaby lines them all in the most luxurious feeling materials made from recycled, eco-friendly fibers. Everything is made in their in-house studio, and they even go as far as keeping the lights off during hot summer months to reduce their carbon footprint. You can get married in the Jasmine gown, knowing you not only look good but can feel good about your choices too.

5) Budget for a Rush fee.

Most importantly, keep in mind that you should probably save some of your dress budget to ensure you get exactly what you wanted, in the right time frame for your big day. Alexandra Grecco, whose chic yet effortless gowns really pop against the greenery that Portland, OR offers has the ability to make your dress in half the time of a much larger designer. However, depending on the speed of the turn-around time, it can cost you anywhere from $200-$800 dollars. Of course looking perfect the day of is worth it, but it is a little easier to pay for if you know it is a cost you are going to incur.

So what are you waiting for? You don’t have much time, so go schedule your appointment and we will help you find the one!