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a&bé denver - Our favorite trends for 2015

breanna doll

The amount of talent and creativity that we saw during New York Bridal Fashion Week was completely overwhelming and inspiring. One of my favorite parts of my job is helping a bride realize her own individual style and express her personality through her completed wedding-day look.  I was so excited to see some of the hottest wedding trends embracing the bride's creativity and desire to create one-of-a-kind looks that are unique to her love story.

#1: Separates

Your wedding dress should be as unique and special as the bride, so I am in love with the idea of creating an individual look through separate pieces.  It's sort of a 'build-your-own-dress' concept, and it allows the bride to create a completely unique look. 

Rebecca Schoneveld's separates collection allows a bride the creative control to mix and match skirt shapes, necklines and lace or beaded details. The Sterling-Evalyn-Sage combination is my current obsession. (I still haven't stopped drooling over this hand-beaded bodice!)


The crop top. Need I say more? This look is a must-have for the modern, edgy a&bé bride. I can't get enough of this crop top and skirt combo by Sarah Seven. 

Wtoo has also perfectly blended the modern separates-pairing concept with a traditional bridal feel.  This beaded corset goes perfectly with either a soft tulle skirt, or a dramatic horse-hair trimmed ballgown, don't you think?  


#2: Convertible Looks

Brides love the idea of having a different look for their ceremony and reception, but definitely do not love the idea of buying two wedding dresses (who would?).  Why not have the best of both worlds by wearing a convertible ensemble that allows you to keep your guests on their toes with an unexpected, jaw-dropping, wedding day look. 

Leanne Marshall's gowns are perfection, but adding a lace or beaded bolero to a separates combo, or to a classic dress takes it to a whole other level.  I personally loved Stella dress with the Valerie lace bolero. I love the idea adding a lace element for the ceremony, then rocking the basic top with a beaded sash when you are ready to dance the night away. 

Lula Kate's mini dresses are to die for.  Not ready to take the plunge and wear a shortie on your wedding day?  A thai silk ballgown over-skirt allows you to have the traditional feel you've always dreamed combined with a show-stopping mini skirt for when things heat up on the dance floor. 

lula kate

lula kate

You MUST check out this convertible combo by Sarah Seven...a romper and skirt. I. Can't. Even.

#3: Unconventional fabrics   

I am a huge fan of subtle, unexpected details in a bridal look. You don't always have to go with the 'trend of the moment' to put your own fashionable stamp on your wedding day look. If you love the idea of being fashion-forward AND timeless on your wedding day, choosing a dress with unique fabrics and laces is way to go. 

If you're tired of seeing the same lace over and over at all of your friend's weddings, mix it up with this Blush by Hayley Paige number with a geometric lace detail. Isn't she a beauty?


You are not going to believe this. As far as 'wow factor' goes, this skirt wins, hands down.  Houghton has created the most epic of bridal skirts. Ever. This feminine tulle skirt has a soft, silver plaid pattern that adds just a touch of style and sophistication.

Then turn your flash on your camera and, get ready for it folks. Magic. 

See you soon!