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Capture This Look: Graffiti & Confetti

annaq walsh

We are obsessed with our stylebook. Here's one of our favorite looks and the super-easy how-to so you can capture this feel for your day!  I think it would be awesome at the reception, can't you just see it on the dance floor?! 

how to wedding conffeti

This shot was conceived by the ever fabulous Hey! Party Collective. Nicole & Christie are the duo behind this Denver event planning company that is truly the bee's knees. These gals are creative, hip and a total joy to work with. 

What you'll need:

  • scissors
  • spray paint
  • tissue paper
  • that's it!

Here's their insider tip on capturing this look yourself: 

Using graffiti and confetti as decor is a super cost-effective way to add modern, colorful and fun style to any event! 

For this look in a&be's stylebook, we wanted to work with the great colors that the space had to offer, which were mainly blues and greens, then add a pop of contrast color to the look. Once we chose the word "love" for our graffiti, a bright and romantic red was the perfect choice.

To make sure we weren't actually vandalizing the building, we used an old door that a friend was getting rid of as our canvas. We tested our spray painting skills several times on a drop cloth first, to get the style, size and spray angle just right. The great thing about decor like this is that it doesn't have to be perfect, but still, you only get one chance on the actual object! In the end, we loved how the door and graffiti looked as an addition to the space and a backdrop to the photographs.

The confetti was even easier. We used dollar store tissue paper in blues, greens, and soft yellow, plus bright red to match the spray paint, then cut it into 1" squares. Done! Tissue paper is great as confetti; it's so lightweight that it flutters down slowly for a wonderful effect!

Ready to get crafty? Grab some scissors, spraypaint, and go for it!