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Capture this Look: A Simple Copper Crown

annaq walsh

wedding diy: copper crown

Make A Simple Copper Crown 

In our stylebook we showcased this awesome metallic crown. If you coveted this look, well you're in luck. It's super simple and inexpensive to DIY this for yourself. Emily from EmilySmoot shows us how it's done. 

diy copper crown

What you'll need:

  • copper wire
  • needle nose pliers

The wire I used is Beadalon 20 Gauge German style wire, but any thin wire will do. 
You can get this at any craft store. They also have more of a gold toned wire, silver 
wire and other bright colored metal wires (pink, blue, etc.!)

How to make it: 

  1. Take the wire out and wrap it around your head to measure how you want it to fit and add a couple of extra inches . Cut the wire and wrap around itself to secure in what will be the back of your crown. Be sure to use the pliers to really bend the ends in so they don’t scratch you.
  2.  Take the rest of the wire that you started with and wrap the end around the back of your crown to secure. Start creating your points, by making a triangle with the wire and then wrapping it around the base circle twice each time. It is tricky at first to do this, since you have all of the wire needing to wrap around the base circle after each point is created, but it gets easier as you go! I like to start with smaller triangle points and build up to the biggest one in the front, where the middle of your forehead will be. 
  3. Continue to do this around the entire crown, using your pliers to create points at the top of each triangle.
  4. When you get around to the back again, clip the wire with a couple of inches left out, so you can wrap that around the back of the crown to secure. Again, remember to use the pliers to get rid of the sharp ends.