a&babes on a mission  


We here at a&bé feel pretty dang lucky to come to work and spend our days with kick-ass brides, surrounded by beautiful dresses and sharing one of the most special days of your life with you. But we realize that there is a lot happening in the world around us outside of the magical experience of wedding dress shopping. that's why a&bé is committed to spreading the love within our community and across the nation by supporting non-profit organizations that are working relentlessly to make a difference in our world. On the last Friday of every month, all a&bé locations will participate in a day of giving back.  The organization will be selected on a rotating basis by the stylists from one a&bé location and will reflect a cause they are passionate about. Then, all shops and #aandbabes across the nation will link arms to help support their cause. When you officially become an #aandbabe on one of these days, you will automatically join us in this mission by having 1% of your gown and accessories sales to be donated to an amazing organization. It's that simple. Find your dress. Spread the love. We're so excited for you to join us as #aandbabes on a mission.


THIS MONTH'S CHARITY: The time's up legal defense fund


This month we're donating 1% of gown sales to the Time's Up Legal Defense Fund

a&bé bridal shop is standing with the brave women who have come forward to bring light to the issue of sexual misconduct that is rampant in our society, unchecked and unacceptable. Sexual harassment, abuse and assault should never be a norm in any environment, and TIME'S UP for this behavior! The TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund was launched by The National Women’s Law Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, in reaction to the movement spearheaded by actors and other courageous women in the entertainment industry who have shared their experiences—bringing a voice to the silent issue that affects all of us—the waitress, the teacher, the office worker, all professions and walks of life subjected to this unacceptable behavior. The fund hopes to provide access to prompt and comprehensive legal and communications which help will to empower individuals and to fuel long-term systemic change, enabling anyone affected to come forward to be connected with lawyers—regardless of industry, rank or role.