Available in Colorado and Minnesota for the first time ever, Claire La Faye wedding gowns are for the romantic, independent bride.  Click here to set an appointment to find your Claire La Faye dress.  

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The Claire LaFaye collection starts at $1700.

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A little Q&A with the designer:

Q. What is your design inspiration? 

Life – everything around you is yours to play off of if you just open your eyes. I love that moment when an artist finds their voice, their medium, their format, and everything just flows.  Inspiration is the result of working every day, being in the studio, putting in the time. 

Q. Tell me two little known facts about you: I graduated from Parsons School of Design with a Fine Arts degree in sculpture. I am an excellent welder.

Q. Describe your personal style - Bohemian, artsy, urban with a little rock and roll thrown in for good measure.

Q. What is your favorite article of clothing - Skinny black jeans

Q. Favorite vacation spot: Camping in the Pacific Northwest with my family- hidden spots which have been sworn to secrecy!

Q. When did you know that you were going to design bridal?

It definitely snuck up on me…I had been designing one off red carpet dresses for a few years in Los Angeles, and a lot of changes all happened at once. I moved back to Portland with my husband, had my first baby, started selling online and began getting a lot of requests for my dresses in white. Suddenly, it all made sense and I became Claire La Faye, “Bridal Designer”. It was a logical transition, my colors faded to light.

Q. Who is your style icon? I’d be lying if I didn’t say Kate Moss. What can I say? All things aside, she has great style

Q. If you could dress any celebrity, who would it be?

Celebrities are seriously overated. Real brides are so much more appreciative and authentic. Authenticity goes a long way in my book.  

Q. What is the last great book that you read?

I have two young children under four and I am trying to build/run a small label bridal line, so that notion makes me laugh. 

Q. Any advice for brides? 

I think it’s very important to trust your instincts, stay true to your heart and really try to design your wedding for you, not the two hundred people attending. 

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