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Hushed Commotion bridal accessories are the flawless addition you’ll want to take your one-of-a-kind bridal gown to the next level! Whether your wedding day vibe leans bohemian goddess, simple elegance, art-deco, or charming vintage, Hushed Commotion has the perfect selection of artsy statement pieces to complete your bridal look in an instant. If you’re the bride who’s looking for a detailed accessory without all of the sparkle and the glam, come check out our wide selection of rustic sashes and romantic jewelry at any of our a&bé locations!

Hushed Commotion Prices

Collection ranges from $100-$400.

Hushed Commotion Bridal Accessories at A&BÉ

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About Hushed Commotion

Discover Hushed Commotion designer Thea Bloch-Neal


A little Q&A with the designer:

Q. What is your design inspiration?  

As you can probably tell, I am hugely inspired by the 1920’s and 30’! Anything flapper, deco, or art nouveau really speaks to me. Those ladies really knew how to dress up! Bring in NY is really integral to my design process. I work out of Brooklyn and I source my materials in the garment district area of NYC, I am so lucky that I can find what I need readily, because I am so inspired by the materials I’m exposed to. Finding the right colors is much easier when you’re able to see them in person. I also find a lot of inspiration from my brides, I work with so many creative women! So often I am working on a custom order that then inspires a piece for the next seasons collection...

Q. Tell me two little known facts about you: 

- The first accessories I ever saved up for, lusted over and bought was an aqua Baby-G watch. I loved that thing! 

- I took gymnastics lessons for a long time when I was younger and was on track to go the olympic path, but decided it wasn't my passion and left to pursue other dreams....and I have no regrets!

Q. Describe your personal style: 

I love to dress in mixed prints, B&W motifs and bright pops of color. Naturally, I am obsessed with accessories, so I often keep my clothing monochromatic so I can wear big and fun baubles! 

Q. What is your favorite article of clothing? 

My white blazer. It's made of a crepe material, so it doesn't feel cheesy and it works with every outfit.  Perfect to add that bit of polish that is oh-so-important for me as a female entrepreneur!  

Q. Favorite vacation spot: Lopez Island in Washington State. 

Q. When did you know that you were going to design bridal? 

 I was always that girl who would rather be a bit overdressed, than underdressed. As I delved more and more into evening wear in college, I was naturally drawn to Bridal. I love the detail work, and the care taken in bridal pieces. Both the designer and the bride allow themselves to be as fanciful as they want. I enjoy that process of not putting boundaries on the designs.

Q. Who is your style icon? 

I LOVE Iris Apfel, now that is a woman who knows how to wear accessories! And, I love that she still rocks them all still at 80+ years old. I also love Diane Kruger's style, she can rock a gown like no other, but then also makes a flouncy skirt and a striped T look flawless. 

Q. If you could dress any celebrity, who would it be? 

I think Diane Kruger, I would love to make a fabulous headpiece for her to wear on the red carpet!

Q. What is the last great book that you read? 

A good friend of mine told me to read Tiny Beautiful Things which is a compilation of letters and responses from the advice column of Dear Sugar, so glad I did! Her insight and genuine care for the readers who seek her help is astounding, I highly recommend picking up a copy. She is a truly genuine woman. 

Q. Any advice for brides? 

First, decide if there are any family heirlooms like jewelry that you plan to be wearing. I have seen brides who loved an intricate headpiece of mine, but then realized that it would not work with their grandmother’s necklace. There are a lot of accessories to choose from, so streamlining that process is helpful. Decide on your style and metal (gold or silver) before you embark!