devan - a&bé miami bridal stylist


What's on your playlist right now?

I LOVE music! I listen to everything from 90's R&B, Christian all the way to Led Zeppelin. I am one of those girls who has dance parties by myself even when getting ready, in the car, pretty much where ever I am!

Who is your favorite a&bé designer?

 I am OBSESSED with Rish! Literally he is a genius!

If you could wear any gown from a&bé, what would it be?

Aurora by Rish, I think the style is GORG! I wouldn't normally do a sleeve but I love the boho sleeve on this gown!

Childhood nickname?

all the friends called me D! I always loved going by D because Clueless was one of my favorite movies and Dionne "D" was my girl! I never told people to call me that but as it happened I was perfectly happy with it!

Any pets?

I have a little peekapoo named Zoey who looks like an ewok from StarWars. She rules my house... my husband says on the regular "what Zoey wants, Zoey gets"

Any super secret talents?

Nope! the only thing is I am funny... but that in't a secret

Where will you find me when i'm not at a&bé?

Shopping, always! I love shopping for clothes and my house! the one thing I always tell my husband when I buy new things is, "it's okay, it was on Sale" wink wink

What is your favorite thing or place in your city?

Being that I am new to Miami I am still exploring! I love seeing all the art and graffiti on the buildings. I think it is beautiful and something just so cool to see! I never thought I would live by the beach so I am taking full advantage of that as well!

Why will you love working with me?

I have been in the bridal industry for 8 years. The last 6.5 years I was a wedding planner in Dallas where I planned everything from the start and styled my clients. When it comes to your wedding day you tell me what you are thinking and how you want to feel and I have a full vision on your gown based on what you say! I am team bride, and will always have my brides backs!