Jamison - a&bé dallas shop manager 


Who is your favorite designer?

Honestly, I love them all so much!! I do however have a sweet spot for Made With Love, I just love all the silhouettes and lace detailing :)

if you could wear any gown from a&bé, which one would it be?

That's a tough choice! If I had to choose one it would definitely be Sasha by Made With Love :)

childhood nickname?


any pets?

No pets just yet! But I'd love to get a fluffy golden retriever once I have a house with big back yard! 

any secret talents?

If so, they're still a secret to me!

where will you find me when i'm not at a&bé?

I am such a home body but I do love going on walks at Katy Trail and checking out the Dallas Farmers Market!

what is your favorite thing or place in dallas?

I'm a huge foodie, so I love trying all the new restaurants that are popping up everyday in Dallas!!

Some of my favorites are Meddlesome Moth and Gemma. 

why you will love working with me?

I'm a hopeless romantic who loves loves LOVESSSS a fairytale romance! I strive to make each bride feel like a princess and have that moment every little girl dreams of growing up, where she finds THE DRESS!!!