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a&bé bridal shop features unique and modern bridal styles including romantic, vintage, and boho. Locations in Dallas, Denver, Minneapolis, and Miami.  

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Katie May Bridal And Wedding Dresses

Katie may bridal gowns are a collection of beautiful and romantic, nontraditional, backless wedding gowns.See more bridal dresses from Katie May at a&be.

KATIE MAY wedding dresses

Katie May gowns are carefully handcrafted in Los Angeles! Located in only a handful of carefully selected boutiques across the country, a&bé is proud to host this gorgeous collection of backless, romantic, and dare we say sexy(?) gowns. Gowns range from $1850 - $4400 and are available in all of our a&bé bridal shop locations. To schedule an appointment for your Katie May gown click here!

Our Current favorite wedding dresses From Katie May: 


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New Katie May wedding dresses at NYC Bridal Fashion Week

A little Q&A with the designer:

 Q: When did you know that you were going to design bridal?

Bridal was absolutely unintentional.  My little sister got engaged, I designed her a custom gown that was unlike anything out there, blogged about it, and someone pinned it on Pinterest.  Next thing I know, I was receiving thousands of emails overnight from brides all over the world begging me to remake "the backless dress" for their wedding.  Suddenly, Katie May was chest deep in bridal.

QTell me two little known facts about you:

I love tequila.  I love to cook.  I struggle with road rage.  I am always late.  I laugh at my own jokes.  I oppose GMO.  Huge fan of Korean Spas.  I'm a Capricorn.  

 QWhat is your favorite article of clothing? 

 I don't have a favorite article of clothing, but my most prized possessions are my wedding band and passport. 

QWhat is your favorite vacation spot? 

Favorite & Easily Accessible Vacation Spot:  Bacara in Santa Barbara

Favorite Vacation Thus Far:  Amanpulo in the Philippines - OMG this place didn't even seem like real life it was that extraordinary

My Next Dream Vacation:  Safari in South Africa followed by a week in Seychelles - a girl can dream, right?!? 

QWhat is the last great book that you read? 

I'm currently reading "Seven Words That Can Change the World" by Joseph Simonetta.  My husband and I make it a point to read yearly either together or independently - the simple truths outlined are like commandments in our home.  Fave book of all time is "Shantaram" by Gregory David Roberts - Johnny Depp needs to be the star when it hits the big screen.....hint, hint. 

QAny advice for brides?  

My advice is to write your own vows.  One of my favorite moments of my life was being up there with my husband reciting the vows we wrote together - thinking about it puts a smile on my face.  It was our words, our commitments to one another, and our voice together as one.

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Katie May in her LA Studio
Katie May Wedding Gowns made in LA
Katie May Wedding Gowns