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a&bé bridal shop features unique and modern bridal styles including romantic, vintage, and boho. Locations in Dallas, Denver, Minneapolis, and Miami.  

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Rebecca Schoneveld Bridal And Wedding Dresses

Rebecca Schoneveld bridal dresses are a collection of vintage and elegance inspired wedding dresses and separates. See more from Rebecca Schoneveld at a&bé.

REBECCA SCHONEVELD wedding dresses

The Rebecca Schoneveld collection is made up of separates that can be styled to your look as well as vintage inspired bridal gowns. These amazing dresses are handcrafted in Brooklyn just for you. The collection ranges from $1,068 - $4,200 and is available at all of the a&bé bridal shop locations. 

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A little Q&A with the designer

Q: What is your design inspiration?  

I find myself drawing again and again from inspiration of ballet and modern dance. I was very into ballet from an early age, and that understanding of movement, fluidity, and emotion really is a deep part of me. I love the shapes that fabric can make around a body when a woman moves and the natural, elegant lines of a human form.

I also of course love looking to fashions of the past. My favorites seem to be the way the 1930's and 40's were revisited in the 1970's and 80's (think ladylike looks done with more attitude- high waist trousers with soft blouses and platform shoes). A re-visit of a re-visit can feel very fresh and modern and also, well, timeless!

Q. What is one little known fact about you? 

Hmm, let's see... I guess not everyone knows that I was home-schooled up until 7th grade. Home-schooling for me was a really positive experience- my mom is super creative and was very dedicated to giving us a rounded education. She started teaching me to sew (and many other handcrafts!) already when I was 4 years old! Apparently that's come in handy.

QWhen did you know that you were going to design bridal? 

Honestly the dream started probably when I was about 12 or 13. I remember being in the backseat of my parents station wagon, driving past a bridal store in my hometown all the time and straining my neck to see what their display was that week. And I remember once seeing a sign for an independent bridal designer's store in a neighboring town and I said to myself, "That's it- that's my dream".

QWho is your style icon?

My Oma (my mom's mom) is the most stylish woman I've ever known. She looks good no matter the occasion, and never in a fussy way. At her 1947 wedding she wore an off the shoulder, long sleeved, pinched waist ball gown in a pale blue satin with graduating sized bows running down the front of the skirt. Very Dior! And in 2006 when she came with me at 7am to the (dirty, wet) flower market to gather the flowers for my own wedding, she showed up in an off-white suit, sky blue silk charmeuse blouse, big blue topaz stud earrings, and gold open toe flats. She's just impossibly chic! 

QWhat is your favorite article of clothing?

I have this asymmetrically draped, trapeze shaped black jersey dress from a Korean company that I totally love. It can be dressed up and down so well and it always feels very cool, sexy, and also ultra comfortable.

QFavorite vacation spot

Ooh, I love traveling so it's hard to choose! Thailand is pretty hard to beat though. The amazing food, super friendly people, beautiful culture, gorgeous beaches- it's well worth the long flight!

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