sarah - a&bé dallas senior bridal stylist 


what's on your playlist right now?

Honestly? Not a whole lot of music! I am a huge podcast listener so Criminal, 99% invisible and Sword and Scale are my top three. I have a secret obsession with true crime and just in general love to absorb random information, I guess you could call me a fact junkie.

who is your favorite designer?

Admittedly I may be a bit biased but Truvelle, hands down. There is something about Gaby's designs that are just so easy to love. She makes gowns for the bride that wants to sit cross-legged and dance the night away on their wedding day (i.e. me), not to mention the customization options are endless! Their comfort and femininity speaks to how I choose to dress on the daily and Truvelle's reliability is unwavering.

if you could wear any gown from a&bé, which one would it be?

Easy, I already have! Truvelle’s Alexandra gown was what I wore for my wedding, I felt so effortlessly beautiful, comfy and like myself in every way. I am also a sucker for any dress that isn’t white.

childhood nickname?

Sarah Jo

any pets?

I started with just one, a rescue named Cheese (trust me it suits him), but since, I have married and acquired two more pups names Hobbes and Shadeaux. All of them love cuddles as much as I do…...but secretly Cheese will always be my bestie.

any secret talents?

I am really good at fixing things….my father was a carpenter by trade and I guess I just always loved watching him. I love to pick up a hammer or drill and get things done!

where will you find me when i'm not at a&bé.

Before moving to Dallas I was a chef and artist so most likely making something be it pasta or painting. I also enjoy soaking up any alone time I can get with my best friend and husband Christopher...we are newly-weds and hope to forever be in the honeymoon phase.

 what is your favorite thing or place in dallas?

Dallas Farmer’s Market on Sunday mornings (they have fresh baked baguettes!) ....or Rubial’s nursery, I am ADDICTED to gardening.

why you will love working with me?

Because I will always make sure you feel comfortable in your own skin. I am all about making sure a bride stays true to herself for her big day! I love being a part of the effortless, optimistic and encouraging moments.