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a&bé bridal shop features unique and modern bridal styles including romantic, vintage, and boho. Locations in Dallas, Denver, Minneapolis, and Miami.  


Who to Bring to your Bridal Appointment

Nicole Lacriola

We know all you brides have seen the bridal shows that have taken over our TV's in recent years. They are filled with tears, heated opinions and woes every bride has come to believe they're about to face. I know this may come as a shock but most of this is very far from reality (insert sarcasm here). The one thing that does tend to ring true is the opinions that come with the people you choose to bring.

The fine line between having people there to support you and enjoy the experience with, without bringing so many that your voice is thrown to the back row of the choir is a hard balance to find. The more people you bring with you the more opinions you have filling your fitting room.

So whose opinion matters? Well in reality one matters. Yours. You, the bride, wearing the dress have the ultimate power of deciding which dress is right for you. So then how do you avoid the mass chaos of the entourage throw down? Easy. Decide early on who your wedding wingwomen/men are going to be. Whether that be your mom, dad, sister, life long best friend, or your crazy aunt Francine. Decide on 1 or 2 people who know you the best to help you along the way. These should be people who will fight for you and not let you settle for something you don't feel your best self in but will also back down if you love something that maybe isn't their style.

Your dress should feel uniquely you and whoever is there with you should be able to feel that and support your decision. This is not the time to appease someone else and the people with you should never pressure you to do so.  We also have some of our happiest brides leave here after going through their appointment on their own. Sometimes the best guest is no guest and that's great too.

So there really is no right answer to who you should bring with you to your appointment. The answer, just like the dress, will look different for every bride. As long as you the bride walk out of our shop feeling like Beyoncé and your group fulfills the roll of hype man you've brought the right people. You got this girl.

If you're ready to book your appointment, give your shop a call or book directly online here. For more helpful tips before your appointment, be sure to check out our recent post on Planning the Dream Shopping Experience and What Really Happens at your Bridal Appointment.

8 Tips for Choosing your Veil

Nicole Lacriola

For the finishing touches on your bridal look you may be debating on whether a veil is the right choice. To us, it’s not a matter of whether or not to wear one but which one is perfect for you!

To cut out some of the pressure of deciding on what veil to don on your big day, here are 8 easy tips that will help you narrow down the field!


Is your dress backless? Think about a sheer or ballet tulle veil so that you aren’t hiding that show stopping feature. Does your dress have a long train? Make sure your veil is either short enough to not compete with it (chapel length) or that is it long enough to reach outside the edge of your train.


How do you plan on wearing your hair? Find the veil more important? Then take the plunge into accessories before your hair trial and make sure that your hairstyle is complementary to a veil.


If you are getting married in a church, perhaps something with a bit of drama and cathedral length would be best. Or if you are getting married on the side of a cliff, a longer veil might get in the way of your ‘hike’ down the aisle.


More traditional brides might gravitate more towards long, intricate lace work. For the gal who’s breaking stereotypes take a peek at veils with fun details like leaf motifs and alternative shapes.


Veils can be as simple or as elaborate as your dress and similarly they range in cost. Be sure to consider veil cost in your wedding budget. If you know immediately that a veil is going to be a priority, be sure to set aside a proportional amount of money towards it. Our collection of veils ranges from $200-$1,300.


If you were the bride that wanted a wedding dress that was edgy and boho then why go for the plain jane veil? There are so many options so don’t be afraid to ask your stylist for something fun and different!


Be it 300 dollars or 1000 dollars, make sure your money is going to a veil that will age well enough to be that heirloom piece 50 years from now. Soft, high quality tulles and custom lacework may cost a little bit more but they make a huge difference when the next generation pulls out your veil for their “something borrowed”.


Just like we prefer to guide brides towards dresses that make them look and feel like themselves on their big day, the same should be said for your veil.

In addition, here are some of our favorite styles from Sara Gabriel, an accessory designer that is carried at all of our locations!

Get to know one of the newest a&bé designers // Daughters of Simone

Nicole Lacriola

Brit and Ash are the oh-so-cool sister duo behind the bohemian bridal brand Daughters Of Simone; the coveted line now gracing a&bé bridal shops in Dallas and Miami. When we asked these bridal babes what inspired their newest collection, Sunshine of My Love, we were flooded with imagery; of fabrics, tattoos, doodles, quotes and poems. My favorite prose that was part of this inspiration was penned by Nikita Gill, and sums up the vibe cohesively, “Some days I am more wolf than woman and I am still learning how to stop apologising for my wild.”

The iconic name of the brand has its own interesting story. It was inspired by Simone De Beauvoir, a writer and an out-of-the-box thinker. A woman who went against the grain by speaking her mind during a time when women were not encouraged to do so. Daughters of Simone gowns represent a style which goes against the norm, and supports the fearless, adventurous and nontraditional woman.

In describing the mantra and ethos of Daughters of Simone, the girls elaborated,  “Every place on earth houses a few women unlike the rest. They are vagabonds and free spirits. The dreamers and the starry eyed. They come from a generation of non-traditionalists, casting aside the princess illusion of yesteryear in exchange for just simply being....themselves. Daughters Of Simone is dedicated to these types because they inspire us to see living in a whole new way. They are our kind of girls. The modern outsiders, bound to freedom with the spirit of rebellion.”

Designer Brit gave the a&babes a heads up to something possibly on the horizon, “We’re hoping to launch a capsule collection... Two words: bell bottoms!” We can't wait to see what this will entail!

Brit and Ash are empowered and talented women who create. They create not only gowns that make our bohemian brides feel and look their most beautiful on their wedding day, but they have created a bridal tribe, a community of women that embrace all that make them unique. Encouraging the modern bride to be her raw, unconventional and truest self. Let the a&bé team know how you are holding on to your inner she-wolf and keeping your authentic vibe on your wedding day.

You can find Daughters of Simone at our Dallas and Miami locations. Contact your shop for more details and to schedule your appointment today!

Your Guide to Bridal Accessories

Nicole Lacriola

If the dress makes the bride then the accessories speak for her….
Wedding gowns have become so much more unexpected these days. From classic to contemporary, dresses have evolved to allow a bride to be as much herself as she desires on her big day.

But being yourself does not stop with the dress. There are so many amazing touches of gold, silver and tulle that can take a look over the edge to complete customization. So many times we see brides with a Pinterest board full of their “dream dresses” but at the end of the day the earrings, cuffs, hair chains and veils are what take that “dream dress” from Pinterest to reality.

It’s not just your mother’s veil anymore! From long cascading lace veils to something sassy and modern the traditional veil is not a bride’s only option these days. Just as dresses have evolved and branched out to intertwine with a variety of styles, so has the veil! Indeed a hand sewn lace veil is swoon worthy but in great contrast, an edgy birdcage or leaf trimmed tulle can just as well take your breath away.

Just as varied and equally as exciting are the abundance of amazing sparkly things a gal can add to her bridal look. Head-vines can rest among curls or twist into braids. 

Belts can spark up the waistline and add an extra "umph" to a classic look.

Earrings can add just the right amount of edge to a girl who is wanting to stand out in a crowd. \

Even more appealing? These accessories don’t have to sit in your gown box for decades to come. How many brides wish their wedding dress wasn’t just a one night wear? For the girl looking to get the biggest bang for your buck look no further, pair that belt with an over-sized oxford on your next girls night out or pull out the statement earrings for an upcoming company dinner.

Each of our shops carry a unique assortment of bridal accessories that will compliment your gown for the big day and beyond — visit your local shop's designer page to find out who we carry!

MPLS Brides // Don't miss the Alexandra Grecco guest trunk show!

Nicole Lacriola

Alexandra Grecco's beautiful collection is only weeks away (trunk show is March 17 & 18th) from being in our Minneapolis shop and we are waiting with baited breath. Inspired by decades past, her bridal line was born in 2014 and has been making brides (and grooms!) swoon ever since. She got her start in the world of fashion at a young age when her mom passed on her knowledge and love of sewing.

'Arlington' by Alexandra Grecco

'Arlington' by Alexandra Grecco

Creating a ready to wear line in 2010 led to a natural progression into bridal in 2013 when shopping for her own wedding dress. She wanted to create a line that gave the non traditional bride a home in the bridal industry.

'Samantha' by Alexandra Grecco

'Samantha' by Alexandra Grecco

Her first line of bridal separates and delicate beading was embraced by the modern bride immediately and with endless excitement. Now while still keeping a nod to the modern she has also welcomed the bride who dreams of romance. The mixture of soft ethereal fabrics and architecture that rivals a New York skyscraper make these the wedding dresses of every brides dream.

'Etienne' by Alexandra Grecco

'Etienne' by Alexandra Grecco

Whether you wish to be more of a modern bride or dream of being a true romantic bride this collection covers it all. All of her gowns are made to order by hand in her New York studio which really make them a one of a kind garment. Alexandra utilizes high quality laces and intricate embroidery produced in England and France in her designs.

'Daphne' by Alexandra Grecco

'Daphne' by Alexandra Grecco

Ranging in price from $2,000 to $5500 these dresses radiate quality and craftsmanship. Ultimately the most important thing to Alexandra and her team is for their brides to feel comfortable and like themselves on their wedding day! We can't wait to share the beauty of these gowns with all the Minnesota brides. 

'Ava Crop Top + Vivienne Skirt' by Alexandra Grecco

'Ava Crop Top + Vivienne Skirt'
by Alexandra Grecco

Yes! Miami :: Launch Party with A Creative's Loft

amanda grosgebauer

a&bé bridal shop is over the moon to be opening our miami shop. 

A huge thanks to our fabulous vendor team who pulled together this gorgeous event. 
Photography by: Erika Diaz Photography
Planning/Coordination: The Creative's Loft
Installation:  Marino's Creations
Live music: Hen Siso. 
Sweet treats: Juliana's Pastries & Cakes
Lipstick bar: Beauty by Jackiy
Braid and Wave bar:  LMG Beauty Factory
Live Poet: The Biscayne Poet
Tea-infused Cocktails: Peko Tea House
Lounge set-up: The Salvage Snob
Florals:  Primrose Floral
Accessories: Lia Terni   
Photo booth: Juju Booth
Letterpress and Paper goods: Papel & Co. 
Party Rentals: Atlas Event Rental

&1 Dallas Anniversary Party :: Bash Co + Events :: Jo Jo Pangilinan Photography

amanda grosgebauer

Thank you to all of our vendors and brides who made our first anniversary party go off with a bang!

photos by: jojo pangilinan photography
planning/design by: events
calligraphy by: alli k design
florals by: r love floral
sweets and treats by: a dancing baker, whisk until sweet, steel city pops, and joy macaroons.
dj: le force dj
braid bar: styling by macey
brow/glitter bar: ba beauty tx
photo booth: the photo bus dfw
mixologist: hd liquid catering
coffee: coffee :: experience
video: psycle films

Miami Sneak Preview #2: A Day at the Beach with Sea+Ink Photo + Rue De Seine

Nicole Lacriola

From Manager, Sabrina:

"When I first moved to Miami, I had the resolution that I would go to the beach everyday! While many of our ideal days would either start with some beachside yoga, or end with a sunset overlooking the water, it is rare that with the chaos of Miami traffic, work life and other #FirstWorldProblems that such indulgences can come to fruition. The a&bé Miami Bridal Shop Stylists and I spent the day with photographer, Sea+Ink Photo for a glorious unconventional balmy day at the beach, frolicking surfside in the ever bohemian line, Rue De Seine."

Pronounced “Roo-De-Sen,” the line is named after the artisanal Parisian neighborhood which inspired Rue De Seine’s designer to start the label after celebrating her own wedding on the very same Parisian street! Cut, constructed and finished in Auckland, New Zealand, Rue De Seine  is truly special as the beading is hand done, and the silhouettes enhance a feminine energy.

A collection for gals who are a little bit of a wild child, and definitely a lover; the Miami shop is excited to welcome Rue De Seine for a Trunk Show on February 3rd and 4th. This intricate line will feel like home for our free-spirited Miami babes. Not to think that a bridal look ends at just a stunning gown, the accessory designers that are gracing our Miami bridal shop are true game changers for creating authentically romantic, bohemian or just plain rad wedding day looks, including: Sarah Gabriel, Miami-based Lia Terni, Emma Katzka, Untamed Petals, Haute Bride and Hushed Commotion!

Give us a call at 786-703-8658 to reserve your appointment and find out more about all of our upcoming trunk shows and events!

Don't Miss the Anna Campbell Ceremony Collection In Dallas + Denver this February!

Nicole Lacriola

Anna Campbell, herself the graceful and elegant designer and the answer to the bohemian goddess’ prayers has brought us the Ceremony collection. And it does not disappoint! Unanimously we are wowed- and thrilled by the distinctly Anna Campbell styles and enamored by how the line has evolved. Take a look for yourself to see what all the buzz is about.

What is so distinct and exciting about this particular collection is the fit! The Ceremony line offers a bit more structure and support while still upholding the relaxed nature of the line. Silk tulle skirts and soft laces will catch the eye of those searching for a touch of boho-glam. The intricate shimmer of the hand-beaded styles will captivate those who appreciate detailed charm and quality.

Anna Campbell somehow captures the magic of what you would expect from a handmade gown while also being relaxed and relatable to modern day brides. The combinations start at $3,800 and the possibilities to mix and match the pieces are almost endless.

If Anna Campbell has caught your eye like the line has ours then booking a trunk show slot before they’re all taken is imperative as the mix and match collection can only be experienced in it’s full glory for this weekend alone. Every skirt, bodice, and beaded topper brings to life a new expression of Anna Campbell’s vision and you never know which could hit the mark and coincide with yours. Not to mention the designer allows a&bé to extend 10% off the line for one special weekend! This collection is one the modern bohemian can’t stand to pass up, you can see it in Dallas Feb. 3rd + 4th and in Denver Feb. 17th + 18th!

Top 5 Reasons to Shop a Limor Rosen Trunk Show (From the Stylist)

Nicole Lacriola

1. The first reason is obvious…The gowns are beautiful!!! Limor designs with the boho-glam bride in mind, so if that is you, don’t miss out! From her Birds of Paradise collection to Urban Dreams, this designer pulls out all the stops with details, coloring, and the perfect sheer touches to add in a bit of sex appeal!

2. The breadth of our collection will multiply immediately! Most days of the year, our shop carries 6 gorgeous Limor Rosen originals. During the trunk show, however, a&bé will boast double digits worth of gowns! If there is a specific gown you have in mind, this is your best bet for being able to try it on! 

'Harper' by Limor Rosen

'Harper' by Limor Rosen

3. Limor Rosen’s design studio is based in Tel Aviv, Israel, which is the mecca of bridal! This city is setting the stage for designers all over the world to follow suit! Especially characterized by hand-beading and plunging necklines, the quality of an Israeli Limor Rosen gown cannot be usurped! Sexy, sweet, and ethically-sourced, your gown’s Israeli dawn guarantees you are on the forefront of bridal.

4. Considering the birthplace of your Limor Rosen gown, the price point is incredible! Most gowns out of the Middle East provide smug Pinterest inspiration from their $8,000 to $11,000 price tags. Limor Rosen’s price point totally contradicts the norm, ranging from $3500 to $7000 AND, we’re offering 10% off all gowns during the trunk show weekend!! Allow yourself room in the budget for extra accessories, a bit of bubbly for the shopping trip, or an amazing honeymoon outfit!

'Rosemary' by Limor Rosen

'Rosemary' by Limor Rosen

5. Last, but certainly not least, the customization options for a Limor Rosen are endless! If you are the bride who has tried on dozens of dresses, only to discover how you would tweak the design with each one, this trunk show is for you! Long sleeves are miraculously shortened, slits in skirts magically disappear, trains bounce back and forth from sweep to chapel to cathedral! Control your own wedding dress destiny by having a hand in the design! Even more exciting, for a small fee, your gown will be created to your custom measurements! Just imagine receiving your gorgeous gown and needing little more alterations than a hem and applause!

Photos by Levi Tijerina

Visit a&bé Bridal Shop's bridal blog to learn more about trunk show events

MPLS Trunk Show: Sarah Seven

Nicole Lacriola

a&bé Minneapolis is so excited to host our first Sarah Seven trunk show of 2017 on February 3rd and 4th! Sarah Seven's "A California Haze" collection is the best combination of cool girl chic, clean and modern silouhette, and classic Sarah Seven femininity. Sarah's collection in our shop ranges from $1800-$4000. This new collection debuted in October of 2016 at New York Bridal Fashion Week, and we can't wait to be one of the first stores in the US to host this new sampling of pretties.


Handcrafted in California, you can feel great about purchasing your wedding gown from this up and coming designer. Although she is a veteran designer at a&bé, Sarah only debuted her first collection via etsy back in 2009. In the past eight years she has honed in on exactly what the modern bride is looking for in a wedding dress: effortless, romantic, with an edge. We love Sarah for her keen fashion minded eye, subtle detailing, and most of all her sense of humor. We feel really fortunate that so much of our team has had the opportunity to work with and get to know Sarah personally in our shop. This personal relationship we have built with her and her team means only the best service for our brides. Because Sarah has such a strong role in the design and production of her gowns, it's not uncommon for our brides to be able to make customized changes to their favorite pieces to truly make them their own. 


If you are a bride who loves Sarah Seven, or are on the hunt for a gown like none of your friends have worn, here's why you need to attend our Sarah Seven Trunk Show. Firstly you will have access to brand new styles that haven't even hit our stores yet! You are sure to be ahead of the fashion curve. Secondly on top of sampling our regular curation of gowns during your one on one appointment, these trunk show styles are an added bonus! This means you will get to see a wider variety of styles, particularly from this one spectacular designer. Last, but certainly not least, all Sarah Seven purchases on February 3rd and 4th will be discounted 10% off! Whether you are looking for an ethereal a-line, contemporary separates, or classic lace, the Sarah Seven collection is a must see for Minnesota brides! So come pop some champagne with us and say yes to your Sarah Seven dress!


Visit a&bé Bridal Shop's bridal blog to learn more about trunk show events

Miami: Sneak Preview of What's to Come!

Nicole Lacriola

The clank of hammers and whirl of drills will soon be a thing of the past for our non-traditional Miami bridal shop! While we finish off the final elements of our indie bridal shop in our fav Miami ‘hood of Wynwood, we are taking our oh-so-cool line of a&bé Miami bridal designers out for a stroll… with Sarah Seven, Rebecca Schoneveld, and Flora across our Wynwood streets; Rue De Seine and Bride by Sarah Seven out for a south Florida beach day… we can’t wait to explore the rest of the city with all of the creative, independent designers we have on deck for Miami, including: Gala by Galia Lahav, Truvelle, Houghton, Laudae, Made With Love, Daughters of Simone, Divine Atelier and Calla Blanche.

Introducing our city: Dallas

Nicole Lacriola


Here at a&bé bridal shop Dallas, we love our city and know after a visit to any of the following recommendations you will too. It's rich with history but developing so much right now surprising us with new experiences. From the old home tours and class of Highland Park to the music scene that can't be beat in the quirky heart of Deep Ellum there's something for everyone. Allow us to offer our recommendations the best places to eat, stay, and play near a&bé bridal shop Dallas. Whether you're planning a weekend away or even just one day if your feeling ambitious, we have planed it out for you and everything. Here we go...

Let's start with brunch. Breadwinners is a personal favorite. You step inside to experience an English oasis. The greenery-lined exposed brick walls and open ceiling greet you immediately. Pass the initial few courtyards and tucked in the back there's a basement of sorts with stain glass windows and the warmest feel to enjoy as you select your morning pastry and sip your mimosa.

After brunch (while you're still in uptown) take a hop and a skip over to Knox-Henderson street for the best local shopping near a&bé bridal shop Dallas. Bella & Chloe is a must stop for unique jewelry to take home and remember your whirlwind day in Dallas by. Gypsy Wagon is a bohemian decorator or dressers dream. Think indie-Anthropolgie and there you are! Esther Penn is a few blocks down and they capture the trends, offering them with the friendliest service you can imagine. I'd say those gals would probably have the best recommendations in town for coffee. They'll hook you up. These are just a few of many boutiques you can't go wrong ducking into. 

When you're done with all the shop and ready to drop I'd recommend a stroll in the Dallas Museum of Art for ever changing exhibits that are sure to inspire. And right across the way (we are in downtown now) is Klyde-Warren park! Built up above the highway separating midtown and downtown you have the classiest green spot with a view of the city. Live shows are often played on the weekends and there's never a shortage of food trucks to choose a snack from. It's truly a cornerstone of community in Dallas. Families, young professionals, artists, and couples alike all steal away for a moment at this spot. 

When you're ready for dinner and rooftop drinks STIRR is the hot spot for New American cuisine. The liveliest crowd in Dallas gathers to drink, eat, and be merry all year round at this fresh dining option that's become a fast favorite. 

If you're captivated by the rooftop view at STIRR you have to get to know Dallas right and make a stop at the observation deck on Reunion tower. You know that colorful ball that lights up and rotates in our skyline? It's a wonderful stop for any who love an iconic landmark or just want to get a birds eye view of the city they fell for fast. 

If you're up for experiencing the nightlife of our town, Midnight Rambler is an underground cocktail lounge in the Joule hotel! It's so much fun and just a little swanky. If you want a more gritty Dallas experience you can't go wrong in Deep Ellum. Three Links will offer you shows, Deep Ellum Brewing Company has a cozy patio and home-y feel, and the double wide covers your folksy Texas experience. 

After you've danced your night away you may need a late night slice of pie. Who doesn't? Everyone (and I mean everyone - prepare yourself for a line worth waiting in) will be at Serious Pizza. If you want to skip the hype and opt for gourmet ramen, and I don't blame you, go for Tanoshii which is on the same street but opposite end. There's so much to explore at that end of town.

To me, Dallas is known for its food and drinks, shopping, and friendly crowds. We want you to be familiar with our art and culture. There are so many galleries and museums, and live shows every night. If you ever need a more personal recommendation tailored to you just make a stop by a&bé in the heart of the design district. We'll enthusiastically reiterate these recommendations and overwhelm you with a few hundred more to help you love Dallas just as much as we do.

xoxo - Bethany, Dallas store Manager

Planning the Dream Shopping Experience

Nicole Lacriola

After your one & only pops the question, there are so many fun events leading up to the wedding. Engagement parties, bridal showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and of course, finding the perfect wedding dress. After all, bridal boutique shopping requires a scheduled appointment and is more than just a shopping trip: it's an experience, an event you want to share with your friends and family. Your wedding dress is the most important piece of clothing you will ever wear, and there is a lot of pressure to plan the perfect, memorable shopping experience. As someone who has seen countless appointments end in tears of joy (or frustration), here are my tips for creating the perfect bridal dress shopping experience, and ultimately finding your dream gown!

1) Get some of the really important decisions out of the way first.

Once you are engaged, it can be easy to want to start on all of the exciting parts of planning your wedding (I mean, when else do you get to try on insanely gorgeous gowns and go cake tasting?!?). But shopping before deciding on when you are getting married, or before setting a budget for the big day can be a dangerous game.  Most wedding dresses take 4-6 months to order and need an additional 2-3 months for alterations, so if you're planning a short engagement, some dresses may not be available for you to special order, or may come with some hefty rush fees.  On the other hand, shopping too early can become overwhelming very quickly.  New dresses will pop up on your pinterest and instagram feeds constantly, and if you decide to go shopping before you're ready to commit, your dream dress could be discontinued or sampled.  Bridal shops typically recommend shopping 7-9 months before your wedding, but ultimately the right timeline for finding your gown is whatever feels right to you. Whether it's 2 years or 2 months before your wedding, make sure you have a clear idea of what is actually feasible before you start shopping.

2) Set your budget.

Going dress shopping before you have a clear idea of your budget will ultimately lead to you falling in love with a gown that is out of reach. You should love every part of your dress, including what you spend on it. Once that happens, nothing else will compare, and you will ultimately leave feeling frustrated and disappointed.  Giving your stylist clear guidelines about your style and price point goals will allow them to give you the best experience by hand selecting gowns that will perfectly fit your style without breaking the bank.  And once you're in the shop, stick to that budget. It can be so tempting to want to try on the dress that you saw in the window that's over budget, but falling in love with a dress outside of your budget will always either break your budget or break your heart. A great tip to finding a gorgeous designer bridal gown on a budget is to shop a&bé wedding dress trunk show events. We have bridal designer trunk shows often, so be sure to check out events list! 

3) Research where you want to shop.

Each bridal shop carries a completely unique set of dresses, and styles and prices can range greatly between boutiques. If you're unfamiliar with shops in your area, google is always a great place to start, but be sure to visit each shops' website and social media pages. This will give you a great indication of whether their style and price range aligns with your vision for your wedding day. Shopping at boutiques who don't carry a large selection of gowns in the style or price range you are hoping for can lead to a frustrating experience. Also, going to 5 or 6 appointments in a row is extremely exhausting for you and your entourage. Not to mention, seeing hundreds of dresses only makes the process more confusing. Instead of booking as many appointments as possible in hopes of finding the perfect gown, selecting the 2-3 shops that really excite your inner fashionista will increase the odds of you having a successful shopping day. (Plus it will leave time and energy to finish the day with happy hour!)

4) Pick your entourage - carefully.

Wanting to share the experience of finding your wedding dress with all of your closest family and friends, but inviting the wrong people can quickly turn your dream appointment into a nightmare. It's hard for the people who love you most to not share their opinions with you, and with multiple ideas and perspectives, can cause you to lose sight of your vision. Limit your guests to only the most important decision makers. Ask yourself: does this person need to be with me in order for me to make a decision? And if the answer is no, wait to share the dress excitement with them on the wedding day. If the answer is yes, wait to set up your appointments until they are available to join you. Bringing more than 2-3 people can often turn your appointment into a party and take away from the intimacy and sentimentality of saying yes to the one.

5)  Be prepared to find your dress. 

Most brides have been waiting months, if not years to shop for their wedding dress, which can make it hard to finally say yes to the dress. Some brides feel they need to 'pre-shop' or visit multiple boutiques before they decide on the one. Setting rules and limitations on your shopping experience can be more destructive than helpful in your quest for the perfect dress. If there is a specific person that needs to be in attendance for you to make your decision, wait to shop until they are available. Shopping before they are with you can take away from the experience when they finally are able to join you. Or shopping before you've decided on other important aspects of your wedding like your budget or venue can affect what you end up looking for in a dress. If you choose to shop before these decisions have been made, you may have to start from scratch or have difficulty reconciling what you want in a dress, and what will actually work for the logistics of your wedding.

Once you've done the research, made the appointments and brought your BFFs to share in this exciting experience, be open and ready to find your dress. Try not to focus on whether or not you've seen every possible dress out there, or whether or not you've found the best dress in the entire universe, (trust me, there will always be something, newer, better, shinier, and more exciting—I mean I'm already peeved I didn't hold out for the iphone 7s!). Instead, focus on how you feel in the gown. Can you picture yourself getting married in the dress? Are you excited to marry your best friend while wearing the dress? Do you not want to take it off? If the dress makes you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself, that's how you know it's the one. And when you get that feeling, it's time to stop shopping. You did it! Now you can dream about your gown until it comes in, plan all of the other exciting parts of your wedding (I'm now remembering something about cake tasting??), and take a deep breath because you did it. You found the gown. Now go celebrate with a cocktail!

MIAMI: The Magic City // Part 2

Nicole Lacriola

In Part 1, Sabrina outlined hidden gems and local spots to find the best shopping in Wynwood. Next up is the neighborhood’s best places to eat, drink, and satisfy the sweet tooth.

Say Cheers!

If you are after a space to just chill and maybe some trivia, check out Gramps. Thirsty for some seriously delicious drinks?  Make your way to the patio at The Anderson in Little River… with killer live sets and late night DJ’s it can turn into a dance party in the interior. We are super excited about the new Acme Lounge in the arts and entertainment district. If you head out to the beaches and want an evening under the stars, enjoy the garden of The Broken Shaker, or have your Punch Bowl served poolside in the afternoon.

Be Satiated

For a little bit of everything, one of my absolute favorite places is The Wynwood Yard — an outdoor event space, and creative hub with workshops, and concerts… grab a drink at Mortar & Pistil, cuisine from one of many dope pop-ups like Della Bowls in a vibrant setting. Go on a Friday evening for a Taste of the Yard… where a must try is the Kombucha popsicles from Radiate Apothecary! On the note of delicious treats, there are any number of places from which to choose. Head to Kush for a burger that is out of this world. Grab an on-pointe Mexican Street Corn aka elote de calle from Coyo Taco. I can’t speak highly enough about Dr. Smood - healthy, delicious, organic, fair trade all those words you love to hear, but more importantly taste for juices, coffees and light bites. For some legit Italian in a sweet boho space, mangia at Soya e Pomodoro. If you find yourself Downtown, Fooq’s is my go-to for some farm-to-table goodness; whereas we love to wind down the day in Wynwood at Wynwood Diner for libations and tasty bites. Our Stylist Diana adores the diversity of our ‘hood, with places like R House [for the] great food and drinks. Joey’s has great pizza and I love Morgans for Sunday brunch!”

Perk Up

Enjoy some delicious fresh sourdough bread (or any delicious baked goodies) from Zak the Baker which is just one street over from our shop!  Get your java on at the Miam Cafe in Wynwood, if you head downtown, grab an iced coffee from All Day MIA which also does weekly cuppings on Wednesdays (basically specialty coffee bean tastings), and if tea is more your vibe, JoJo Tea does by-appointment extended tea tastings.

Satisfy That Sweet Tooth

Hit up Azucar for some delectable homemade Cuban Ice cream (you can’t miss the huge @$$ cone on the side of the building) and since I would solely eat ice cream if I could, also check out Serendipity, and take a big bite of one of the specialty Ice Cream sandwiches at Wynwood Parlor served from their truck or delivered via Uber Eats. For some seriously decadent Doughnuts meander to The Salty Donut.

While Magic is officially defined as “an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural force;” and Miami technically got this nickname for its super fast growth. Miami Stylist Vanessa summarizes what we feel contributes to the true magic of this city, “Miami's diversity creates magic for me. There's no other place in the U.S. quite like Miami. It's not just the beaches, sky rises and art. It's the people, the music and food.” It's the conflux of the heat and cool waters, the burgeoning art that flowed so truly it spilled out onto the walls, churned with the diversity of the people that created the enchanting flavors of the city. This magic fills our senses and courses through us to be explored. So fill your days with the majestic and let’s create magic in the MIA.

a&bé bridal shop is in love with Wynwood and we invite you to come check us out in our magical hood! See you soon!

MIAMI: The Magic City // Part 1

Nicole Lacriola

Sabrina, the manager of a&bé Bridal Shop miami, gives an introduction to our newest home city.

Miami is a joy for the senses. From the sweet ripened scent of fresh fruit stands, and earthy aromas of cigars hand rolled on Calle Ocho in Little Havana; to salty ocean breezes carried along the art deco architecture of South Beach. Rhythms evoking a Caribbean influence in Little Haiti keep hips swaying, while the jubliscent clank of ice cubes in hand-crafted cocktails can keep spirits high on swank rooftop or indie bar alike throughout the diverse districts that make up Miami. Visually, the Miami art scene is undeniable with the murals of the Wynwood Walls a must for all tastemakers, a movement that now beautifies walls in Little Haiti and even the Leah Arts District; or experience the quintessential Art Basel which sweeps the city in December. This multicultural haven has any number of guides to the city, but I want you to know Miami, and specifically, our ‘hood of Wynwood as I do. To experience some of the elements that create my sense of wonder and delight in this city… to know why we are so excited to open our doors here, and to understand why Miami has an alias of enchantment… Welcome to the Magic City!

Look Fly

For the boho babe, you’ll find your jam at Nurbana 305. Pop into Style Mafia for a look that is fashion forward and designed in MIA. Head over to Spin Gallery for some killer digs and to take part in one of their cool workshops that collab with other local artisans i.e. make your own custom rings or modern macrame wall hangings.

Peep Some Eye Candy

The Wynwood Walls are an icon of the city now… but don’t just visit the main core… venture down the side streets of Wynwood and phase out into Little Haiti too to see more fantastic creations. Some of my fav pieces are by major street artist #GirlBoss[es] including Swoon, Faith47, Nicole Salgar and Miss Van. Also be sure to check out the lush La La Land created by Plant The Future and bring one of her fanciful green creations home if you fancy yourself to have a green thumb.

Smell Fresh

Newly opened Le Labo Fragrances in Wynwood features soulful perfumes compounded on demand by hand. Check out the Miami Flea which hosts such aromatic local vendors as organic skin care line Baiser Beauty and Curandera Remedies, an organic, apothecary line of products.

Sweet Beats

Take some tunes home from Sweat Records where you should be sure to spend some time chatting with the super knowledgable staff, who can also give the lowdown on local shows! Some of my fav places to venture for live music include Bardot Miami, and Ball & Chain along with The Wynwood Yard.

Find Your Zen

To get in touch with yourself or to just make yourself soft to touch, visit the Russian & Turkish Baths (if this is a girl’s weekend, this is a must)! If looking to up your revamp ante, head over to the beach at The Standard. My favorite place to find some zen is at the The Bodhi Tree House where there are led meditations, yoga classes, singing bowl sessions… get in touch with some of your own inner magic with their crystals, mantra beads and all kinds of majestic goodies that are for purchase. For a coffee that needs a refresh, or for brows that could do with some stellar shaping, head to Junior & Hatter.

Stay tuned for more on our new Miami shop, and all of our favorite things about the magic city.

xoxo - Sabrina, Miami shop manager

What really happens at your bridal appointment

Nicole Lacriola

You wake up and today is THE DAY, your bridal appointment at a&bé bridal shop (You thought we were going to say Wedding Day didn’t you? Now don’t get ahead of yourself. Dress first.) Whether you have dreamt about your wedding day, envisioned your bridal glory for years, or you’d like to skip ahead past any potential hassle and fuss, we get it and we are here to help you plan your bridal appointment and make finding your wedding dress as fun and seamless as possible. We know that commitment on our part doesn’t come without questions on yours, so allow us to answer a few and paint a picture of what to expect.

We can’t wait to meet you and want to make sure we have time fully devoted to you, so before you come in, give us a call and make an appointment. This ensures you are well taken care of when you come in and that we may cater to you without distraction. When you call, we will have a quick chat to get to know you and what you need from us. Wedding date helps us determine which dresses we can get in time for your wedding, your venue paints the picture of your wedding day, your price point helps us know which designers you have to choose from, and any style preferences just helps us direct you to your dress!

After it’s all set up and the day is marked on the calendar you may wonder who to bring. Bring your decision makers! Including everyone is not necessarily the way to go when it comes to what you wear on the most special day of your life. Steer clear of stress and think about who you want there for support or whose stamp of approval is needed.  Mom, sister, best friend, fiancé, one? Every bride is different. Some make the best decisions at their appointment alone, and others are happiest with their inner circle present. We truly love sharing these moments with our brides and their lovely & lively groups. We endeavor to make your voice heard in any crowd, but we recommend you set yourself up for the easiest-breeziest time as well.

As for what to bring there isn’t much needed. Strapless or backless bras come in handy sometimes, and if you plan to wear anything special the “day of” (ie: spanx) bring them to try on with your gown! Really we just suggest you come as you are and be ready to find your dress.

Once you arrive, you’re paired with a stylist who truly cares about you, your guests, and your vision for your day. We are about getting to know you and helping find the most important dress of your life! Which is why you will feel so valued when our stylist thoroughly becomes a student of you and your special day. We are about quality experiences, using our expertise to help you effectively find the dress of your dreams.

You enter and are greeted by a friendly face who ushers you to a fitting room that is all yours for the next hour and a half. Begin to make yourself at home and settle in for a chat. Your stylist will meet with you and your crew before whisking you away to make a list of dresses. You won’t be left alone to choose from what seems like an unlimited array of perfect choices! You will be guided based off of your timeline, price point, and style.

The list is made and it’s time to start getting in dresses! One step closer to your goal - finding YOUR dress. Your stylist will bring dresses over one at a time so the show-room remains stocked for other brides. As you go through the appointment, compare and eliminate. Saying no to beautiful gowns may seem impossible, but remember you can only get married in one. Chances are you will love more than a few but you’ll have help finding “the dress” for you!

We are here to get you to your day in that perfect gown, confident in your decision. The rest of your wedding day decisions should be determined by the tone you yourself set and we are honored to help you define that. Are you sensing a theme here? We like to make it all about you! And you will be surprised how easy this really is with a unique selection and a new friend by your side. We can’t wait to see what you choose.

Ready to shop? Set up your appointment or give us a call with any further questions!

a&bé Bridal Shop: Top 5 Trunk Show Tips

Nicole Lacriola

Everything you need to know about attending a trunk show - and why you DO NOT want to miss out!

If you're like most bride-to-be's, you've probably started planning your wedding dress shopping process with a pinterest board of inspiration, read up on blogs (including our bridal blog) of how and where to find your dream gown, and meticulously researched which designers and shops best fit your vision for your big day. In all of this prep work, you've most likely come across information about special events known as trunk shows. But what does that exactly mean, and why should it matter to you? Quite simply, a trunk show is an event that features a specific designer's collection of dresses for a short period of time. Each trunk show is completely different, though, and it can be tricky to navigate which events Here's a list of my tips, tricks and best ways to become a savvy trunk show shopper and score the latest, greatest, and most unique gown for your wedding.

TIP #1: Know your style.

If you've already been shopping or have an idea of what you are looking for, be sure to find the perfect event for your vision. It can be easy to get lured into the hype of a 'special event' (especially if there is an advertised discount), but if you're not interested in the style of the trunk show, or if the designer is out of your price range, attending a trunk show can add unnecessary pressure for you to say 'yes' to the wrong dress and can also add confusion and frustration to your gown shopping process.

Designer Sarah Seven (center) showing off the Romantics Collection

Designer Sarah Seven (center) showing off the Romantics Collection

TIP #2: Research the details of the trunk show.

Every trunk show is different, so before you book an appointment, chat with a stylist about what the event will entail.  Sometimes a trunk show will feature the newest collection of dresses not yet in stores, and other times it may be the designer's favorite dresses from previous collections that the boutique doesn't normally carry. If you have your heart set on a specific design, make sure you ask the boutique well in advance if it will be available - sometimes they can even make a special request on your behalf! Also, not every trunk show offers a discount, so be sure to find out whether or not the event you are looking at will be offering a discount so you can come prepared with all of the information you would need to know before purchasing your dress.

Rue De Seine Collection on Display at a Recent Trunk Show

Rue De Seine Collection on Display at a Recent Trunk Show

TIP #3: Take full advantage of your appointment.

Trunk show dresses are available for one weekend only, so explore the entire collection and try things on you wouldn't normally try! Sometimes the designer will even attend the event and work with you one-on-one to find the perfect dress. Also, purchasing a trunk show dress often means you found a gown that isn't normally available in your area, which ensures that your guests will be completely wowed by your incredibly unique gown!

Guest Designer Yoav Rish from Rish Bridal Atelier Styling A Dress

Guest Designer Yoav Rish from Rish Bridal Atelier Styling A Dress

TIP #4: Book your appointment early.

Trunk show weekends still require you to book an appointment, and trunk shows often book up weeks in advance. You can see a list of events on a&bé's website, and can even book online for your convenience. The events page offers lots of helpful information including if the designer will be attending, if there will be a discount, and the price range of the collection. If you still have questions about whether or not a specific trunk show would be a good fit for you, call your local a&bé and let our expert stylists match you with the perfect event for your style and budget.

TIP #5: Come ready to find your gown.

The blessing and the curse of a trunk show is that the dresses (and potential discount!) are only available for a limited time, so if you've fallen in love with a gown, it won't be available for you to try on after the event ends. If you've gone through the effort of researching your dream designer, snagged a coveted trunk show appointment and attended the event where you were able to see a large selection of insanely unique and gorgeous gowns, then you can feel confident that it is finally the perfect time to say yes to the dress! Brides regularly tell us that finding their dress during a trunk show made their experience all the more special! How many people can say that they met the designer of their dress, or wore a gown before any other brides in the country even saw it in stores??? Finding your dress at a trunk show is the perfect way to ensure that your dress shopping experience is one to remember.

So many pretty options!

So many pretty options!

At a&bé bridal shop, we love the opportunity to host trunk shows that connect our brides with talented artisans and completely unique designs. We are constantly updating our calendar with new events, and occasionally, we will even bring in guest designers that aren't currently available in your area! Check out your local events page to see a complete list of events in your area, or give us a call at the shop and allow our team of stylists to match you with the perfect event!  

See you at the next trunk show!


Kaitlin - a&bé bridal shop - Denver manager

Anna Campbell's Latest Wedding Collection is More Flattering Than Ever!

Nicole Lacriola

It's safe to say that Anna Campbell is one of the most buzzed about new designers to come onto the bridal scene in the past few years. This Australian designer has captured the hearts of so many a&bé brides, and it's clear why: her gowns evoke ease and elegance while highlighting a brides best features with the most exquisite beadwork

It's easy to say yes to an Anna Campbell gown once you discover her vast customization options that will make your dress perfectly suited to you and your wedding. Between different colors, skirt shapes, and fabric options you are going to find it hard to wear only one! Not to mention the fact that all of Anna's gowns are ethically made and hand sewn in her Melbourne studio. Probably one of our stylist team's favorite aspects of this collection is the wide variety and flexibility in the price point. With those customization options on each gown come varying prices. The collection can range from $2850-$8500 with the majority between $3135-$4275. 

In the past, all of Anna's gowns have been wrap-style, meaning you use a system of sashes to tie your dress into place. These gowns offer flexibility, comfort, and ease of alterations that our boho brides have come to know and love. Just when we thought her gowns couldn't get any better (I mean, come on, that beading!) she wowed us at New York Bridal Fashion Week with a stunning new range of silhouettes. These gowns feature a more traditional bridal structure, with the same amount of customizations as her initial collections. The beading on these gowns is next level, and the best part is you can now purchase multiple beaded toppers to change your look throughout your wedding! 

Let's get real, Anna is such an innovator in this industry. Not only can her gowns not be replicated (that beadwork is patented ladies!), but she is making stunningly embellished gowns at an affordable price point for our large community of brides who crave her timeless, vintage inspired gowns. Ready to try these gowns on for yourself? See the whole bridal collection in our a&bé bridal shops in denver, minneapolis, and dallas!

Launching Laudae Bride at a&bé bridal shop

Nicole Lacriola

Let's chat about the talk of the town shall we? Coming soon to all four a&be bridal shops (denver, minneapolis, dallas and miami) Laudae has all the elegance and fun one would expect from the sister brand to our beloved Truvelle line. The warm tones and gorgeous fit caught our eye right when we needed a fresh take on flirtatious.

We love that Laudae keeps it in the family. Gaby Bayona and her mother, Merly, are the dream team. Gaby grew up around her mother's custom bridal business learning quality craftsmanship while still letting her creativity run wild. Branching out - Gaby began Truvelle a few short years ago with tremendous success. Now with the birth of Laudae the bride looking for a more sophisticated (and dare we say sexy) look will get the joy of benefiting from the Bayona's amazing ability to create unique and timeless pieces that draw inspiration from their cross generation dynamic.

Attention to detail is exemplified in everything from their designs - down to the very name of the line! The significance of the name is truly fascinating. Two French words were taken into account upon creation of Laudae. The first being, "Laudable", which means deserving praise and the second, "Aubade", which means a love song sung at dawn. Apparently, it's usually a dialogue between parting lovers. Even the romance in the title is almost too much! If you're curious about pronunciation here's an explanation in Gaby-speak, "It's Laudae. Like, 'Get low today.' Low-day!"
Overall, we have fallen for this fun seeped brand and are eager to get their styles in our shops and on our brides. You never know, you may even be our very first Laudae bride. Make a call to your nearest a&be for more details on timing of arrival. We look forward to gushing over Laudae with you in person very soon.

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 5.43.34 PM.png
Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 5.46.01 PM.png