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a&bé bridal shop features unique and modern bridal styles including romantic, vintage, and boho. Locations in Dallas, Denver, Minneapolis, and Miami.  


Two Brides Are Better Than One // a Q&A about Chelsea + Brittany's wedding planning experience

Nicole Lacriola

For us here at a&bé the only thing cooler than a bride is 2 of them. We are lucky enough to be a destination for a lot of same sex brides and we couldn’t be happier about that. We chatted with our bride Brittany and her new wife Chelsea (they’re high school sweethearts!) to get some tips for all of our other brides who are in the planning process! These two threw the coolest wedding up in Fargo so keep scrolling and check it all out!

What brought you to a&bé to shop?

Brittany: I actually found out about it from Chelsea because she really wanted to go there to shop but scheduling didn’t work out for her. My sister lives in LA so she flew into Minneapolis and my mom and I drove down from Fargo to make it a sort of “meet in the middle” opportunity. The Minneapolis bridal shop was so beautiful and intimate and it was our first stop. We found my dress within an hour or two of working with you and then canceled the other appointments!

What were your favorite parts of planning? Least favorite parts?

B: I loved planning food and figuring out what parts of our reception would give us the chance to interact with our guests and make sure everyone had a great time. I was all about setting out Cards Against Humanity and playing a round with guests and then setting up bean bag toss in the hall so we could face off with our guests and then when we were running around, know that there were things other than dancing/drinking that people could have fun with!  My least favorite was planning decorations but Chelsea really shined there.

Chelsea: My favorite part of planning was choosing the flowers. I have an obsession with them so it was fun letting the florist know what I wanted and seeing her vision. She is truly amazing at what she does and is the sweetest person! I agree with Brittany, we really wanted to focus on a non-traditional feel to our wedding, so it was important to have things that our friends would typically do on a night out. It allowed for a fun evening for everyone! I am not a big dancer and neither is B, so although we did have a DJ, if you didn't feel like dancing you could do other things too. My least favorite part was talking about planning while planning. Everyone would ask questions all of the time and I got sick of talking about it. A few of our family members were concerned we didn't have anything actually planned, so they were pleasantly surprised when they came and it looked nice and the day flowed smoothly!

Same thing with the day! Favorite part and maybe something you maybe didn't feel like needed to be there?

B: Oh my goodness, the whole day was perfect. I absolutely loved seeing Chelsea for the first time and then walking around Bluestem taking photos with her and our sisters/maids of honor. Our ceremony was beautiful; our friend Mike officiated and it was so small and intimate and hearing Chelsea’s vows and looking out at our closest family and friends and seeing how supportive they are of our relationship really made me feel so special and loved. Our reception was great; the toasts were lovely, catching up with everyone was great… I don’t know if there was anything I’d pull out of the day since everything went well! I will say the one unpleasant part of my day was when I walked in in the morning and realized my dress had fallen on the ground overnight and was all wrinkled but Monica and Ashleigh (our sisters) ushered me out of the room and steamed the dress using a steamer that Chel had brought along and made sure everything was just fine.

C: My absolute favorite part of the day was the burst of cheering after we were pronounced married. My family and friends have always been very supportive of our relationships, but there was something magical about that moment, it was like being hit by a trainload of love and it felt amazing! I wasn't sure we would have the right to be legally married in our state for a long time, so it was very emotional and exciting for us. I'm sure for others before us that have fought a long hard battle it meant even more. So many have paved the way for us and I am grateful for that because it allows me to live a happy and fulfilling life with the woman I love! We had also given everyone at the ceremony a glass of champagne to cheers after we were married and that was super fun too, all Brittany's idea! There isn't a part that I didn't feel like needed to be there, but if I were to do it over again I would find a company to come and clean up afterward. We had some family stay and help, but Britt and I stayed until the very end and cleaned up the party.

Was there any set idea or want you knew you wanted in a dress?

B: I’m very much a low-key person. My top priority was that the dress be comfortable since I’d spend the whole day in it and then, of course, I wanted to look good. I’m not a sequins/sparkle kind of person so I wanted something elegant but understated if that makes sense? I had a hard time describing it but you found exactly what I wanted; I love my dress.

Do you feel like there were certain things about planning that were harder or different for you guys with 2 brides?

B: figuring out who would walk down the aisle first/ who was “given away” and other “traditional” things were tricky at first but then we came to this realization that our wedding was to celebrate our love and while there are things that most weddings have, we don’t need to do anything just because that’s the way it’s always been done. We ended up having both our parents walk us down the aisle instead of just having our dads and both had our sisters as our only maids of honor.

C: I agree with Brittany, I think it actually turned out to help us in the planning process because it was very liberating. Any couple can obviously do this, not just two brides or two grooms, but we would get asked a lot well how are you going to do this part or who is going to wear what, and we would be able to tell people we are going to do it the way we want to! Which I think a lot of couples should think about without conforming to traditional ideas of what a wedding should be, we could make decisions on what we wanted the day to look like. Unless you want a very traditional wedding, that's fine too! The point is, it is the couples day and do what makes you happy.

I would also love your thoughts on how you both approached shopping! I know you didn't see each others dresses beforehand so was it a conversation you had? Did this make approaching shopping feel different for you?

B: Well I am kind of the person that typically hates shopping and Chelsea had already gotten her dress when I went to a&be so she sent a picture of the dress to Monica so she could kind of keep a “okay, this dress may go well with Chel’s” in the back of her mind. She shared that picture with you and since I didn’t really have any clear expectations of how I wanted my dress to look other than being comfy/low key, you had a lot of liberty to pick and choose things that would look good on me and also go well with Chelsea’s dress. It was really nice to know that you had previously sold the designer that Chelsea bought because you were familiar with it and ended up getting really fired up when we picked the dress. I remember you going “ahhhh, I know you don’t know what Chelsea’s dress looks like but these are going to look SO GOOD TOGETHER!” and that made me feel so happy we went to a&bé. I could tell that even though Chelsea wasn’t your customer, you were thinking about her and our wedding in the decision making process and that made me really happy to have worked with you.

C: I was honestly very worried about what Brittany would pick, hence why I sent her sister a picture of mine. But in the end I had no worries because like Brittany said, you guys were so helpful in finding her dress and she looked drop dead gorgeous, and the dress fit her personality perfectly!

We for real can’t get over these two. Love is the coolest and we are so lucky to get to hang out with it all day.

Venue: Bluestem / Florist: Love Always Floral / Photographer: Britta the Photographer


Our favorite Gowns in the Blush by Hayley Paige Collection

Nicole Lacriola

Emerging in the wedding design world in her early 20’s, Hayley Paige has taken the market by storm. a&bé is proud to call home to one of her lines Blush by Hayley Paige. With her playful attention to detail and homages to traditional styles with unique flair, Blush by Hayley Paige gowns are without a doubt wedding day show stoppers. Perfect for the bride that has maybe dreamed of herself in a ballgown but still looking to shy away from the traditional wedding dress, Blush gowns can have the volume of a ballgown with the impact of something special. Not sure about the poof? No fear, for the bride looking to show off her figure, trumpet or mermaid Blush gowns are sure to steal the show. Regardless of the fit, Blush by Hayley Paige is sure to wow the brides looking for a twist on the traditional.

Hayley Paige as a designer has risen as approachable, forward thinking and a designer of the elegant and feminine. With dresses that have been seen from the red carpet all the way to elite bridal magazines, she has received global recognition and is now the Head of Design at JLM Couture. Hayley Paige consistently finds ways to stay relevant, ahead of the trend and classic all in one fell swoop. From long sleeve wedding gowns to trumpet gowns, and with pricing between 1.5-3k her designs are approachable to a range of brides.

    One of our favorite designs by Blush, Halo is perfect for the outdoor wedding or church ceremony. A tried and true top seller, it is the perfect mix of boho bride and ballgown. The nude lining allows for the whimsical lace top to shine and the super interesting back makes for 360 degrees of great wedding photos!

While a lot of Blush designs tout at least little volume our next new fav Blush gown is for the bride that wants something closer to the body. West, while still being tasteful, hugs your curves and is amazing for the bride looking to feel cool and confident on her big day. Unique brides, watch out for the intricate sequin beading that takes the shape of a statement-making pattern against a cashmere lining. Perfect for ballroom wedding or beach wedding; West is sure to take your future spouse’s (and guests’!) breath away as you walk down the aisle.

Last but certainly not least is Pepper. With the statement-making skirt like Halo and that same one-of-a-kind sequin patterning in a bodice, Pepper is definitely for the “wow” bride. If you are looking to feel different, sexy,l and definitely bridal, look no further: Pepper is your gown. Appropriately named, this ball gown has a little spice with a playful pattern up top and Hayley Paige’s signature horsehair skirt to top it off.

Whether you are the princess bride or the boho ball gown bride, Blush by Hayley Paige is sure not to disappoint. Be sure to give one of our shops a call if you are seeking more info on these or any of Blush’s other wedding gowns, you won’t regret it!

Welcome to our Portland, OR Bridal Shop!

Nicole Lacriola


This post is dedicated to giving you an inside sneak peek of a&be’s first bridal shop to open on the west coast! Let us take you on a tour of a&be’s Portland bridal shop, through the lens of one our favorite local wedding photographers, Baylee Dennis. These gorgeous photos will give you a taste of what to expect when you walk to through the doors whether you are here to find your dream wedding dress, or to just to pop in to say hi and check us out!

a&bé Bridal Shop Portland

When we first found our location, in the heart Alberta Arts district, it was love at first sight. The space was open with tall windows, high ceilings with exposed beams, skylights, and exposed brick walls. Truly the perfect canvas for the vision for what would soon become the most unique bridal shop in Portland, a&bé.

After that first visit to the space, it became a whirlwind of drywall and wood flooring. It seemed as if overnight, dress racks and fitting rooms appeared! Quickly, our bridal shop started coming to life as we began to personalize our new home with posh decor.

What to expect at a&bé Portland

The aesthetic of our Portland shop, embodies everything that a Portland bride is: cool, unique modern, and romantic. Our gorgeous bridal shop, is split into 4 private  rooms. Each room features a private fitting room with custom made repurposed wood benches, and a viewing room styled with sleek sofas to accommodate all members of a bride’s group, massive custom mirrors for viewing gowns, and accessorized with a variety of uber stylish end tables and rugs. We know that lighting is everything, and we have an abundance of it so you can see what a babe you are in each wedding gown! Each room is lit with natural light by skylights, and beautiful gold pendant lighting.

We know you're going to fall in love with a&bé

One of our favorite aspects of our bridal shop is how bright, and open the space feels. Our goal was to make shopping with us feel fun, and stress free. With us, shopping for the perfect wedding dress is just that. Our entire gorgeous collection of unique and romantic gowns is featured in center of the shop, making it easy to see every single stunning gown!

We’d love to give a huge thank you Baylee Dennis for helping us capture our beautiful, Portland wedding dress shop. We can’t wait to have you in for you to see it for yourself!

Moonlight Magic Party at our Denver shop with Rue De Seine

Nicole Lacriola

Just a few weeks ago, many of our current and future #aandbabes joined us for our Rue De Seine ‘Moonlight Magic’ wedding dress collection launch party at our Denver bridal shop location. Our a&bé Denver bridal shop was one of just three bridal shops in the US to have the pleasure of hosting the insanely talented wedding dress designer and #girlboss of Rue De Seine, Michele for the entire weekend. The new wedding dress collection is seriously any bride's dream, from the most boho-chic bride to the modern romantic bride!

The minute we unboxed these gorgeous bohemian wedding gowns, we grabbed the amazing, fun, gorgeous and oh-so-talented ladies from Fierce45 Denver to play dress up with us. To get them photo-ready, Elizabeth from the Storybrick salon completed their bohemian bridal look to perfection. Then we sent them along to photography genius, Anna Boardman to capture some amazing moments at our new favorite intimate location, Fig & Yarrow that is right here in our neighborhood! Brides - if you are looking for a place to host a spa day for you and your bridesmaids, throw a private wedding rehearsal dinner, or have a small, intimate wedding ceremony, you have to check out this space. (Or just drop by to stock up on your favorite beauty products. The Moon Mist is seriously heavenly).

Our #aandbabe stylist team seriously fangirls whenever we get the chance to hang out with the creative force behind Rue De Seine, and for this event, our #aandbabe brides who have already worn their Rue De Seine wedding dresses for their big day, joined us to celebrate and share some of their amazing wedding photos. We love the fact that a bride’s relationship with us doesn’t just end the day they pick up their bridal gown. Once you become an #aandbabe, you’re part of our family for life! Brides who were still on the hunt for their dream bridal gown also attended and were treated to a sneak peek of the new collection, and of course, yummy treats and cocktails from Little Bites Bakery.

When our Denver bridal shop’s doors opened for this once-in-a-lifetime soiree, guests were floored by a bohemian dream come to life. The incredibly talented Yonder Floral and Decor House adorned every inch of the space with the essence of ‘Moonlight Magic’. The crowning jewel was a larger than life crescent moon that made the perfect backdrop for our gorgeous models from Fierce45 Denver to lounge around in. (The a&bé stylists also jumped this photo op - obviously!)

The most epic part of this night was being able to soak up the awe-inspiring talent of so many amazing professionals in the Denver area. Colorado brides: you seriously are so lucky to have such an incredible talent pool of wedding professionals in this city.

While guests perused the wedding dress collection, they were entranced by the perfect beats by DJ Elise, and had the chance to have Henna Luna adorn them with some serious works of art. As if that weren’t enough, guests were treated to some seriously killer prizes that were raffled off by Denver’s bridal shop manager, Kaitlin and our fantastic partners. We doled out gift cards from The Frye Company, Fig & Yarrow, Cycle Bar LoHi, Fierce45, Midnight Rambler Boutique, and the Storybrick Salon. One lucky #aandbabe even walked away with a custom jacket by Details Delivered, and another won a custom Jay Davis Clutch. Possibly the most enviable prize was a handmade veil from the new Rue De Seine wedding collection that was presented by Michele herself.

If we didn’t say it enough before, the absolute best part about this event was that the fabulous designer of Rue de Seine, Michele, was able to not only attend the launch party, but be present the ENTIRE weekend to meet past and future brides and add that extra sprinkle of magic that follows her everywhere she goes. Having the designer of one of our bridal collections is always special, but Michele especially brings an extra air of ingenuity and tenacity to our bridal shop whenever she visits. What a great way for brides to meet the designer behind Rue de Seine’s one-of-a-kind, hand-drawn patterns and embellishments that make every wedding gown so special. We are SO appreciative that Michelle could fly out all the way from New Zealand to spend some quality time without a&bé brides and stylists. (Michele if you read this - please come back soon!)

If you missed the party, don’t fret! The a&bé bridal shop in Denver has a specially curated collection for our Denver and Rocky Mountain wedding brides at the Denver store. Call us or book online for an appointment. We can’t wait to share this magical collection of wedding gowns with you!


Rishing Out About One of Our Favorite Designers

Nicole Lacriola

Get ready babes, because your new favorite designer just launched the coolest line and it will be at ALL of our locations throughout the next few months during each store’s trunk shows. Rish Bridal Atelier was started by Yoav Rish and has been exploding as some of our locations best selling gowns. They started in the heart of Tel Aviv Israel and are making quite the name for themselves in the US. Our Denver location was one of the first stores in the states to carry them, and they hold a special place in all of our hearts.

They manage to make brides feel so incredibly comfortable with a hint of sex appeal. Every piece they have is unique and some of the softest fabrics you will put on your body. They have (almost magically) been able to create a fit that shows off the perfect amount of curve all while ensuring you can dance the night away. Their range of designs is broad and ever-evolving.

Their fun-loving and sincere spirit of their team shines through in their dresses too. Honestly, you just have to try them on for yourself. In the meantime check out their newest collection, Sun Dance, it’s pretty fabulous.

Style Has No Size / Women of All Sizes Bridal from Rebecca Schoneveld

Nicole Lacriola

Today’s bridal boss babes come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, ethnicities and body types. Enter Women of All Sizes…a stunning collection from established cool bride designer, Rebecca Schoneveld, who is on the forefront of inclusivity. Inclusive of all identifiers, and for the bridal gowns that she designs, inclusive of all body types that are traditionally seen as either petite or plus size. Rebecca saw that every woman should not feel limited to only a handful of styles because her body is a certain size.

When we read the ethos behind the concept of Women of All Sizes, “the reason we exist is to make you feel like your authentic self and have your wedding gown be a mirror of the beauty inside your soul,” it spoke to us! This is a mantra for our shop and truly something that resonates with us at a&bé.

We are excited to showcase a capsule Trunk Show of these beautiful bridal gowns with our upcoming Rebecca Schoneveld Trunk Shows at both our Denver and Miami shops this October, and at our newest shops, Seattle and Portland in December!


Style has no size, and with that in mind, Women of All Sizes has a comprehensive size chart that covers everyone from a size 00 to 30, and without an extra charge that can sometimes come with the “plus” sizes. Real women have curves, some don’t. Real women have tone, some don’t. Real women are EVERYTHING... Because you are real, and you should have a bridal look that shows the beauty of YOU.

Edgy + Boho Elopement Inspiration in Wynwood, Miami / As Seen on Green Wedding Shoes

Nicole Lacriola

The Miami boho bride is one like no other. Our Magic City babes are sophisticated and free-spirited women who love art and good food. We wanted to highlight the spirit of our creative brides and beckon to their call for modern wedding dresses or boho bridal gowns that fit their unique style.

Pulling our inspiration from two beautiful gowns, from Made with Love bridal and Rue De Seine, we wanted to show another side of Miami's bridal scene—a few miles away from Miracle Mile. The vibrant city typically known for its neon lights and beautiful beaches is now known for its beautiful murals and unique dining. With that in mind, we wanted to bridge luxury and boho bridal with a styled shoot in Miami's most progressive neighborhood, our hood, Wynwood Arts District. The ceremony (Plant the Future) and reception (Wynwood Diner) locations are landmarks in the community; what better places for our bride and groom to tie the knot and celebrate!

There’s no way we could’ve pulled it off without the help of some of Miami’s top indie wedding vendors! Thank you to all of our Miami friendors who made our wedding styled shoot a success. And, a special thank you, to Green Wedding Shoes for sharing Miami bridal style to their bride babes.

photography: KGohhSnap / venue: Plant the Future / event design: Christy V & Co. / florals: House of Lilac / wedding dresses: Made with Love Luxe + Rue De Seine / hairpiece: Lia Terni / hair stylist: Gia Elise / makeup artist: Krisen Fortier / groom attire: Zara and bow tie from TV-Head Company / groom's shoes: Zara / videography: V M F Photo / calligraphy: Salvaging Eden / catering: Wynwood Diner / cake: Elsie Flour Shop / desserts: ice cream from Wynwood Parlor / tabletop rentals: The Mix Dish / models: Eric Warmer, Cecely Rodriguez and Eli Shaw / reception space: Wynwood Diner

Wedding Dresses We Loved From New York Bridal Fashion Week

Nicole Lacriola

The #aandbabes took on the Big Apple for New York Bridal Fashion Week! It was a whirlwind of beautiful boho wedding dresses with vintage-inspired designs, classic white bridal gowns, and celestial magic patterns & beading.

The presentations and runway shows were filled with modern wedding gowns from Alexandra Grecco, Rebecca Schoneveld and Katie May.

We can’t wait to add new boho lace gowns to our collections from top indie bridal designers Rish Bridal, Flora, and Gala by Galia Lahav.

Bridal capes and crop tops added a statement pop to many of this season’s collections.

One of our favorite gowns was Georgie by Made With Love bridal.


Hayley Paige, Blush Hayley Paige, and Anna Campbell stayed true their feminine wedding gown silhouettes.

Welcome to Ballard / Explore our a&bé Seattle 'hood

Nicole Lacriola

As anyone from Seattle can tell you, every neighborhood is unique and everyone has their favorite. Lucky for us, Ballard happens to be one of the coolest areas to call home. Ballard takes a lot of pride in its history while creating a great space for fresh businesses and creatives to thrive as well. What used to be primarily a fishing community has blossomed, rather quickly, into a hub for nightlife and nature. Spend a day in Ballard and you’re likely to spot anything from a sun-bathing harbor seal to people selling custom poetry on their typewriters in the streets.


While Ballard is never really “sleepy”, you know it is officially party time when you see the line start forming out the door at Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery. That’s right people. You heard me. Molten. Chocolate. Cakery. Hot Cakes is our next door neighbors, and they’ve been perfecting their speciality for almost 10 years. This is not a place you want to miss when traveling to our neck of the woods. While we’re on the topic of food, it’s also important to mention Ballard is home to some of the raddest dive bars. A few of my favorites are Hazlewood and Hotel Albotros, complete with taco window.


Like most parts of Seattle, there are plenty of coffee shops to lift you out of your mid-afternoon slump. Two of our favorites are Anchored Ship and Caffe Umbria, pictured below.



Another draw to Ballard for many people is the great local boutiques. One newer, really special place is Tides and Pines, right across the street! They really embody their namesake, carrying the coolest outdoor-inspired gear for the Seattle adventure seeker. They’re ethically sourced and dog-friendly.

Ballard is also a vintage wear and thrifting hub. Boutiques like Trove, Buffalo Exchange, and Lucky are all spots to snag cool fashion finds.



Lastly, you can’t bring up Ballard without mentioning the Ballard Locks. This tourist spot is actually a great escape. Connected to a botanical garden, this functioning lock system allows boats as large as 760 ft in length to come in from the Puget sound at a 26 ft. water level difference. As cool as it is to see the locks fill up and chat it up with the boat’s passengers, my favorite part is the fish ladder. You can go underneath the locks and actually see the fish swimming up the ladder, similar to an aquarium. This is a great sight for little ones or anyone looking for a calm, laid-back place to relax.

Although Ballard is home for us, so much of Seattle is worth taking a trip to. See you soon babes!

Alberta Arts District // Our Portland Neighborhood Tour

Nicole Lacriola

a&bé bridal shop PDX is beyond excited to be located in the heart of the Alberta Arts District in Portland, OR. Being located on the famous Alberta main street means that we are surrounded by the most amazing small businesses. This blog is dedicated to sharing a few of our favorite neighbors. Two of our a&bé stylists, Ingrid and Alyse, spent a day touring Proud Mary Cafe, Grayling Jewelry, and Salt & Straw ice cream.



Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 1.22.04 PM.png

The neighborhood tour kicked off with a delicious breakfast at Proud Mary cafe. Before I get into all of the juicy details of their meal, here’s a little background on who Proud Mary is, and what they are all about!

Nolan Hirte first founded this Australian coffee brand in 2009. Proud Mary Cafe focuses on all-day breakfast, delicious lunch, pastries, teas, and specialty coffee. Their coffee is roasted by them, in their roasting room right behind our bridal shop. My personal favorite specialty coffee is the australian coffee, which is an iced coffee with cream, and a scoop of ice cream. It’s not on the menu, so be sure to ask for it because it’s too yummy not to order!

Okay, now let’s get into what our a&bé bridal stylists ate for breakfast to kick off the neighborhood tour!

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 1.22.18 PM.png

Shown in the photo above, is the ricotta hotcake - a Proud Mary Cafe must! This dish is a vanilla ricotta hotcake, with sticky macerated berries, lemon curd cream, and a cinnamon cookie meringue. Drooling yet?

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 1.22.31 PM.png

Cauli-town is the savory dish shown above - which includes: warm spiced cauliflower, dahl puree, pickled onions, tahini, toasted sesame, and cilantro! It’s basically like eating a warm hug.

There is a reason why Proud Mary is always a full house. Not only are their dishes inventive and extremely satisfying, the space sophisticated and welcoming, but their passion for community and providing their customers with genuine care is what a&be bridal shop loves most. If you haven’t been, GO! They will leave you wanting more!


The next stop on our tour was another Alberta Arts District gem: Grayling Jewelry. Katy Kippen fell in love with jewelry making in high school, with much support from her grandfather who was a stone cutter. Not long after, she began selling her first designs, spent some time in the fashion industry, and then founded Grayling in 2009.

Katy is committed to designing jewelry for women who value style, and comfort. Having been allergic to nickel, Katy has vowed to create all of her pieces free of it! Her jewelry is as comfortable and versatile, as it is unique and gorgeous.

The best part of this company is that all pieces are handmade in-store! Katy and her incredibly warm team are always creating something new, and to be able to watch them create with passion in-action is pretty amazing. If you crave creative high quality pieces of jewelry, this is where you need to go. Trust me - you’re going to have a hard time not buying everything they have!


Founders and cousins, Tyler and Kim, have somehow figured out how to make something good even better - ICE CREAM!

Kim has always had a soft spot for ice cream. Though she spent most of her career working for several awesome fortune 500 companies, Kim always dreamed of having a local ice cream shop where locals could explore fun flavors. She soon found love and support for her idea, which brought her to Portland.

Tyler completed a degree in business. Though after traveling through Asia, he decided to enroll in Culinary school in Portland. Kim learned of her cousins plans to move to her new city, and saw an opportunity for them to grow her idea together!

Now - you will see a line wrapped from their front door to around the block. Yes, it really is THAT good. Their flavors are imaginative , playful, and down right yummy. You have not lived until you have had Salt & Straw ice cream. My personal favorite is Strawberry Honey Balsamic with Black Pepper - who thinks of that??

Here at a&bé bridal shop Portland we can’t decide if being located across the street from them is a blessing, or a curse (only because we eat their ice cream almost every day).

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 1.40.16 PM.png

That’s a wrap of our Alberta Arts District neighborhood tour! Please come support small local businesses and enjoy the wonder and magic of our neighborhood on Alberta main street. Whether you are bride who is coming to a&bé bridal shop to find your dream wedding dress, or just a local wanting to wander this neighborhood - prepare to be blown away!

The NEW Truvelle Collection / Available at all a&bé locations

Nicole Lacriola


It’s here! Truvelle has debuted their 2018 collection and we couldn’t be more excited! This is Truvelle’s fourth collection and we were fortunate enough to get a sneak peak of the new beauties! Designer of Truvelle, Gaby Bayona, as well as her team spent a considerable amount of time developing designs that will make brides feel and look amazing. The new bridal gowns have elements that we all know and love from her past collections as well as introducing new fabrics and details we can’t get enough of.

Our a&bé Minneapolis location was one of the first stores in the World to have the new collection in for our brides to see for themselves. The wedding gowns fit incredibly and have the soft and modern look we know and love about Truvelle. Every style seems to embody a minimalist effect, bit of romance, and that effortless look that so many brides want.

Truvelle focuses heavily on design, fit, and quality and once you step into one of these beauties you’ll know you’re not in just any wedding dress. All of the bridal gowns in the 2018 collection have been named after strong, inspirational, and individual women- all words that describe the Truvelle bride. Do these words sound familiar to you? Stop in one of our a&bé locations to try one of these amazing wedding gowns for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

Music Inspo for the Boho Fall Bride

Nicole Lacriola

Music speaks to our souls on a level that words alone can never quite achieve. Poetry and prose set to melodies that invariably become a soundtrack to our lives. Sometimes an easy tune that brings feelings of nostalgia; or maybe there is that one track that no matter what is happening, when it comes on, it makes you want to bust a move (that’s Breathe and Stop by Q-tip for me).  For you bridal babes, we have put together a fall bohemian bride playlist that we are diggin’ in the shops right now. Give a listen on spotify

a&bé fall boho bride playlist

We’ve got some chill acoustic covers which could make for a beautiful first dance, some super fresh artists and some classics that could be great to play during your dinner! These are all completely appropriate to play as your getting ready tunes too!

While we love ‘Skinny Love’ as much as the next gal, we wanted to share a few other options for our cool brides to get in the mood with, and to inspire you to think outside the box on what you use to walk down the aisle, to have your first dance, and to play while cutting your cake! One of our managers got some mega boho vibes and hired a North African Oud player to strum some modern tunes, while one of our recent brides said she had an acoustic version of The Cure’s ‘Lovesong’, sung by a local indie musician who put her own spin on it for the processional (LOOOVE that)!

We know most modern bride’s don’t feel confined to Wagner’s ‘Wedding March’, but equally do not feel pressured to walk out to Cat Power’s ‘Sea of Love’ because that is what hip bride’s are doing! The rules are out the window. Use songs that you genuinely love… that carry a meaning for you and your beau.

Let us know the songs that speak to you, and the tunes that will make up your personal soundtrack for the day you marry your best friend!


After You Become an #aandbabe // The Dress Viewing Pt. 1

Nicole Lacriola

You’ve been waiting months and your dream wedding gown has finally arrived to a&be bridal shop! Now what?? As soon as your beautiful wedding dress arrives at the shop, a stylist will reach out with the exciting news. Once you get that phone call you’ve been waiting for, it’s time to set up your dress viewing! But what does that actually entail? Here are the top 5 things to know when it’s time to pick up you’re beautiful wedding dress.

1. We want to set up your appointment on a weekday ASAP. When we receive your gown, we inspect it for any blatant issues, but sometimes there are minor flaws we can’t see until we get the dress on your body. Remember, these dresses are often made by hand, so there can be variances in your dress from the original sample. We want to be absolutely sure that the dress we received is correct and fits your body how we anticipated when we ordered it. Our designers take the weekends off, so we want to be able to get in touch with them right away, which is why we ask that you take 1 hour out of your schedule to come in during the week. We know how busy your schedule can be, but the longer we wait to get you in the shop, the less time we have to fix any errors.

2. Come ready to put on YOUR wedding dress. If you know what shoes and undergarments you’ll be wearing, feel free to bring those along! But since we won’t be doing any alterations during this appointment, they certainly aren’t necessary.  We do, however, recommend that you come in feeling like your best self, (so coming straight from the gym with frizzy hair and no makeup can make you feel less than stellar when you step out in your gown.)  Just be sure to keep the self tanner and lipstick far away from your pristine gown! And feel free to bring a family member or gal pal in to share in this special moment!

IMG_0008 4.JPG

3. Be prepared for your dress not to fit like the pictures you’ve been drooling over of you in the sample. Your designer and stylist worked hard to order you the closest size possible to your measurements, but your gown is not made to your exact proportions. The sample you tried on was cliped and stretched by your stylist to give you an idea of what your dress will look like after a seamstress works her magic. And since this is your dress, we will not be clipping or clamping. It’s common for your bridal gown to need a nip and a tuck here and there, so do not be alarmed! This is your opportunity to talk through any fit concerns or questions with your stylist so that you feel 100% confident before you take your dress home. Your stylist can also provide you with a list of trusted local seamstresses.

4. Let’s complete your look! The fun doesn’t have to stop after you find your wedding dress.  We will set aside 60 minutes just for you to put the final touches on your bridal look with the perfect bridal accessories.  Veils?  Jewelry?  Headpieces?  We’ve got ‘em! And you will have plenty of time during this appointment to work with your expert stylist to select all of those beautiful details that will make your look so unique.

5. Last but not least, your remaining balance (if any) is due before you can take your gorgeous wedding dress home with you. We will store your dress for you for up to 30 days (or more with an additional fee), but you will more than likely want to take your wedding gown with you that day to start the alterations process.

Congratulations, you beautiful #aandbabe you! You have yourself the wedding dress of your dreams!  Next up, alterations. Be on the lookout for our next a&bé blog post discussing what to expect throughout the alterations process!


Discover Flora's newest collection: Intrigue // available in Dallas, Miami, & Minneapolis

Nicole Lacriola

Minneapolis, Dallas, and Miami brides be on the look-out for exciting things coming to a&bé bridal shop from Israeli designer Flora Bridal’s new collection, Intrigue. Appropriately named the dresses embody the entrancing qualities of fascinating detail and enticing materials. For anyone from the boho bride to the romantic bride they truly have a design for everyone. When interviewed about the collection designer Renat Asher described her inspiration for the new collection as being from the women she was surrounded by. Truly embodying this idea, the collection is varied in material, fit, and style.

One of Miami and Dallas’ new designs Dalphin is the dream Boho bride dress. Following their constant attention to quality the lacework is unparalleled and not to mention so soft and comfortable. With a great back and beautiful train, Dalphin is sure to catch breaths as the bride makes her entrance.

'Dalphin' by Flora

'Dalphin' by Flora

A new design that is exclusive to our Miami shop, Julia is an amazing choice for the more traditional bride looking to stop the show in a lace wedding dress. With an extreme deep-v back the sultry looks from behind are an awesome juxtaposition with the lovely high-neck illusion and delicate lacework cap sleeves.

'Julia' by Flora

'Julia' by Flora

Minneapolis will be sure to make waves with their newest Flora design, Lucia. With a combination of simple detail and luxurious fabrics making dress will definitely be a favorite amongst romantic brides. Looking to make a statement but still have a flowy comfortable skirt? Look no further, Lucia’s open strung back is sure to catch your beau’s eye while still being effortless with its airy, silk skirt.

'Lucia' by Flora

'Lucia' by Flora

For the preppy or playful brides take a peek at Dallas’ new Camilia gown. This two piece wedding dresss merges touches of intricate lacework, with swiss dot netting to create a truly one-of-a-kind look. The three quarter length sleeves are an awesome pair with the touch of mid drift and soft silk skirt. Floral embroidery adds to the playful nature of this design and is sure to make the bride looking to standout in a crowd smile.

'Camilla' by Flora

'Camilla' by Flora

Regardless of wedding style Flora’s Intrigue Collection is sure to peak your interest. Give your local a&be a call to hear more about the new designs and prepare to be wowed!


The best Minneapolis wedding venues for boho babes

Nicole Lacriola

We've found the very BEST Minneapolis wedding venues for our Minneapolis brides. Are you a Minneapolis bride with a boho inspired wedding dress? Then you MUST check out these with boho inspired wedding venues. From vintage and industrial to serene and woodsy, these Minnesota wedding venues are perfect for the boho bride with a vintage, rustic, or romantic wedding vision. We can't wait to share them with you...


Paikka, meaning place in Finnish, is a modern, industrial space located at the Vandalia Tower  in St. Paul.  This venue has a ton of cool features including 9 ft. antique doors along with a kickass custom mural. Another awesome factor to this place is that there is an amazing outdoor patio that draws you in with strung cafe lights and cool, minimalistic landscaping. Oh...And...did I mention they are also located next door to Lake Monster Brewery? Pretty damn perfect to have a potential cocktail hour/rehearsal dinner spot right next to your venue. Love this place!


Placed on a picturesque 40 acres, Juliane James Place is a magical venue in the middle of the peaceful woods of Minnesota between Finlayson and the Willow River. This spot is a no brainer for the aandbabe looking for a more raw, rustic vibe. This place is the epitome of intimate, and will envelop everyone who’s sharing in your wedding day.


Machine Shop was originally part of the Pillsbury Mill, which fun fact: was the largest working mill in the world.  They’ve done a really great job of keeping the character of the building while integrating modern details. For any boho babe planning a big party this is the space for you. It can hold up to 300 guests. Boom! Plus the light in this space is insane. Can you say a photographer’s dream location? In fact, this was where we held our last a&be stylebook shoot. This venue definitely holds special meaning to us, and we have a feeling you’ll love it as well.

Top Boho Wedding Gowns // Available at a&bé bridal shop

Nicole Lacriola

Calling all brides who want to express their relaxed, no-fuss, and fabulous selves to take a look at our favorite boho wedding dresses...


This Rue De Seine wedding dress is for the bride ready to fully commit to the urging of her wild soul. Free, fringe-y, and ready to be danced in, Dakota epitomizes the bohemian bridal extreme.



Off the shoulder and simple, this Daughters of Simone wedding dress is relaxed and clean - perfectly fitting for the modern bohemian.



Airy and lightweight, Carrall by Truvelle is a breezy taste of funky lace and flowing chiffon.



Romantic and flowing - Flora partnered the finest lace with the funkiest twist.



Sasha is fierce. (Yes, that’s a Beyoncé reference.) This Made With Love wedding dress is funky as can be and GORGEOUS in both ivory & tan.

Whether you’re located in Dallas-Fort Worth, Minneapolis, Miami, Denver, Portland, or Seattle, we would love to have you in the shop to fall for our bohemian wedding gown picks in person!

Get to know our Minneapolis Space // Photos by Half Acre House

Nicole Lacriola

a&bé Minneapolis was lucky enough to have Half Acre House visit our shop a few weeks ago to capture stunning photos of our Minnesota Bridal Shop. We could not be more thrilled with how they turned out! Rachel Cook and her husband Ethan make up Half Acre House, and we have a special connection with Rachel, as she worked at a&bé as a stylist for more than two years. Who better to capture our dreamy Minnesota shop than them? We spent the morning catching up about all things a&bé, wedding photography, and of course all the amazing things going on in the Twin Cities. The product of this morning was an incredible set of photographs of our sweet shop that encapsulate what every bride who walks through our doors is about to experience. 

Our goal is always to provide an inviting, warm space that not only shows off our on trend wedding dresses and accessories, but also is a haven for the midwestern bride. Each bride who visits a&bé is escorted to a private dressing room and viewing area upon their arrival where their friends and family can sit back, relax, and enjoy the appointment.  We want to take the stress and anxiety out of the wedding dress shopping process, and show all our brides how fun finding "the one" can be! Making sure our brides had privacy and a place to unwind was key when we were designing our shop. While the rooms are open and airy to provide maximum natural light, we also made sure that all the attention is focused on the beautiful bride in each room! You never have to worry about undressing in front of other people, or sharing a mirror with another bride at a&bé. We know how personal and emotional planning a wedding can be, and worked hard to make our bridal shop a calming oasis. 

After the drywall went up and the racks were hung came the fun of decorating! Each a&bé location carries similar themes, but is also distinctly unique based on it's region. In Minneapolis we found amazing resources for vintage Mid Century Modern Furniture that we couldn't pass up. We paired our thrifted finds with other pieces from CB2, West Elm, and Urban Outfitters for the perfect laid back, yet polished vibe! We love gold and copper accents, so you will see those touches added in here and there to add warmth and brightness to each viewing area. 

One of our favorite things about our shop is our storefront. We are lucky to be able to design window displays that show off our style and dresses to the Twin Cities. These photos feature an incredible install by the ladies of Kindred Blooms, a local Minneapolis Wedding Florist that we have been collaborating with since we opened. The dramatic wreath is not only eye catching from the street, but creates the perfect backdrop for our brides to celebrate saying "yes" to their dream dress! It has made for such a fun in store photo-op.

We would like to give a huge thank you to Half Acre House for helping us celebrate a shop we worked so hard to create, and to the ladies of Kindred Blooms for lending us their amazing talents!

Prenuptial Party Looks // Find an outfit for all of the events following up to your big day!

Nicole Lacriola

It’s the season for all sorts of celebrations! We have your back not only when it comes to the big day but all of the days of celebration along the way.

Follow along for some outfit ideas for engagement parties, couple shoots, wedding showers, and rehearsal dinners!

'Skyler' Jumpsuit by Theia

'Skyler' Jumpsuit by Theia

Here is this easy-breezy Skyler jumpsuit by Theia with a friendly price of $1,195. Perfect for casual-chic prenuptial parties.

'Emie Top' by Noel & Jean

'Emie Top' by Noel & Jean

For the boho girl this Noel & Jean “Emie top” is an off the shoulder dream. Priced at $495 it looks amazing paired with breezy skirts or a sleek high-waisted pant.

'Britney' by Noel & Jean

'Britney' by Noel & Jean

Britney by Noel & Jean is priced at $395 and can be dressed up or dressed down depending the occasion!

'Sailor Skirt' by Houghton

'Sailor Skirt' by Houghton

For a fun and flirty look, pair one of our tulle skirts with one of your favorite tops and a sleek bootie. Sailor Skirt by Houghton, $1,750.

'Ines Skirt' by Theia

'Ines Skirt' by Theia

Theia’s Ines skirt is priced at $795 and makes for a great two-tone look with a cropped button down or try with a fitted blouse!

We would love to book an appointment today to style any of your upcoming wedding celebrations! We love to style—from the big day to everything in between.

Let's Start From the Top! // Contemporary Bridal Accessories

Nicole Lacriola

Subtlety. It can just be a slight change or addition to a bridal look that can completely modernize or romanticize a bride’s style. To enhance a bride’s wedding style to be more bohemian, glam, or organic, nothing brings that vibe in more successfully than selecting the right accessories! At a&bé we like to start right at the top—through selecting the right headpiece! Every bride can find a headpiece that works for her preferred wedding aesthetic and hairstyle—whether it is an ornate updo, fishtail braid, or romantic waves! We are highlighting a few headpieces from some of our all-star designers: Emma Katzka, Hushed Commotion, Lia Terni, Sara Gabriel, and Untamed Petals showcasing the diversity in modern bridal headpieces!

To achieve these glowing bride looks, a&bé miami teamed up with the super talented artists of Glamsquad, an on-demand hair and makeup service (and nails in select markets) available in Miami, LA, NY, & DC, with new cities coming soon! Model’s Aroon and Aylen brought these bridal looks to life in our Miami indie wedding bridal shop.

Our first look features Aroon in a whimsical and organic combination, wearing the new Truvelle ‘Carrall’ wedding gown customized in ivory and paired with the Lia Terni Crown. Lia Terni pieces are always ecologically and ethically conscious and reveal a modernized romantic look!

We changed up the mood a bit simply by changing the accessory to the Sara Gabriel ‘Taylor’ combs, which can be laced into updo’s or secured into free flowing tresses. Glamorizing a still natural vibe with crystal elements and a bit of sparkle!

For Aylen this clean Rebecca Schoneveld ‘Elliot’ wedding gown becomes celestial and ethereal with the addition of the ‘Diana’ Comb from Emma Katzka—bringing a natural rose quartz beauty to the loose face framing curls. Again, we refreshed the bridal look with the larger ‘Rue’ Comb from Emma Katzka, for a contemporary half-up-half-down style!

Aroon takes on a goddess vibe with this unexpected headpiece from Untamed Petals! We wrapped the ‘Vineyard’ Necklace around her crown, lacing the drop through the intricate updo for a truly unique look. Keeping this look beach bride friendly with the ‘Shannon’ and ‘Breanna’ two-piece wedding gown from Rebecca Schoneveld.


For a vintage look and a nod to some art deco vibes, Aylen wears the ‘Gemma’ wedding gown from Rebecca Schoneveld paired with the ‘Eden’ Duet from Sara Gabriel.

We love versatility in accessories, and find that with the Hushed Commotion ‘Ames’ headpiece which can even be worn again after the wedding day, keeping those boho vibes flowing!

Whatever your wedding vibe, your bridal headpiece and the finishing touches of bridal makeup and hairstyle are the subtle elements that complete your look, and carry your coveted mood throughout every facet of your bridal style! Check out our accessory designers page to see which designers you can find at your nearest location!