What really happens at your bridal appointment

You wake up and today is THE DAY, your bridal appointment at a&bé bridal shop (You thought we were going to say Wedding Day didn’t you? Now don’t get ahead of yourself. Dress first.) Whether you have dreamt about your wedding day, envisioned your bridal glory for years, or you’d like to skip ahead past any potential hassle and fuss, we get it and we are here to help you plan your bridal appointment and make finding your wedding dress as fun and seamless as possible. We know that commitment on our part doesn’t come without questions on yours, so allow us to answer a few and paint a picture of what to expect.

first, you book your bridal appointment

We can’t wait to meet you and want to make sure we have time fully devoted to you, so before you come in, give us a call and make an appointment. This ensures you are well taken care of when you come in and that we may cater to you without distraction. When you call, we will have a quick chat to get to know you and what you need from us. Wedding date helps us determine which dresses we can get in time for your wedding, your venue paints the picture of your wedding day, your price point helps us know which designers you have to choose from, and any style preferences just helps us direct you to your dress!

decide who your key decision makers are, and bring them with!

After it’s all set up and the day is marked on the calendar you may wonder who to bring. Bring your decision makers! Including everyone is not necessarily the way to go when it comes to what you wear on the most special day of your life. Steer clear of stress and think about who you want there for support or whose stamp of approval is needed.  Mom, sister, best friend, fiancé, dad...no one? Every bride is different. Some make the best decisions at their appointment alone, and others are happiest with their inner circle present. We truly love sharing these moments with our brides and their lovely & lively groups. We endeavor to make your voice heard in any crowd, but we recommend you set yourself up for the easiest-breeziest time as well.

what to expect at your appointment

As for what to bring there isn’t much needed. Strapless or backless bras come in handy sometimes, and if you plan to wear anything special the “day of” (ie: spanx) bring them to try on with your gown! Really we just suggest you come as you are and be ready to find your dress.

Once you arrive, you’re paired with a stylist who truly cares about you, your guests, and your vision for your day. We are about getting to know you and helping find the most important dress of your life! Which is why you will feel so valued when our stylist thoroughly becomes a student of you and your special day. We are about quality experiences, using our expertise to help you effectively find the dress of your dreams.

You enter and are greeted by a friendly face who ushers you to a fitting room that is all yours for the next hour and a half. Begin to make yourself at home and settle in for a chat. Your stylist will meet with you and your crew before whisking you away to make a list of dresses. You won’t be left alone to choose from what seems like an unlimited array of perfect choices! You will be guided based off of your timeline, price point, and style.

The list is made and it’s time to start getting in dresses! One step closer to your goal - finding YOUR dress. Your stylist will bring dresses over one at a time so the show-room remains stocked for other brides. As you go through the appointment, compare and eliminate. Saying no to beautiful gowns may seem impossible, but remember you can only get married in one. Chances are you will love more than a few but you’ll have help finding “the dress” for you!

We are here to get you to your day in that perfect gown, confident in your decision. The rest of your wedding day decisions should be determined by the tone you yourself set and we are honored to help you define that. Are you sensing a theme here? We like to make it all about you! And you will be surprised how easy this really is with a unique selection and a new friend by your side. We can’t wait to see what you choose.

Ready to shop? Set up your appointment or give us a call with any further questions!

photography by: liesl claire photography