Who to Bring to your Bridal Appointment

We know all you brides have seen the bridal shows that have taken over our TV's in recent years. They are filled with tears, heated opinions and woes every bride has come to believe they're about to face. I know this may come as a shock but most of this is very far from reality (insert sarcasm here). The one thing that does tend to ring true is the opinions that come with the people you choose to bring.

The fine line between having people there to support you and enjoy the experience with, without bringing so many that your voice is thrown to the back row of the choir is a hard balance to find. The more people you bring with you the more opinions you have filling your fitting room.

So whose opinion matters? Well in reality one matters. Yours. You, the bride, wearing the dress have the ultimate power of deciding which dress is right for you. So then how do you avoid the mass chaos of the entourage throw down? Easy. Decide early on who your wedding wingwomen/men are going to be. Whether that be your mom, dad, sister, life long best friend, or your crazy aunt Francine. Decide on 1 or 2 people who know you the best to help you along the way. These should be people who will fight for you and not let you settle for something you don't feel your best self in but will also back down if you love something that maybe isn't their style.

Your dress should feel uniquely you and whoever is there with you should be able to feel that and support your decision. This is not the time to appease someone else and the people with you should never pressure you to do so.  We also have some of our happiest brides leave here after going through their appointment on their own. Sometimes the best guest is no guest and that's great too.

So there really is no right answer to who you should bring with you to your appointment. The answer, just like the dress, will look different for every bride. As long as you the bride walk out of our shop feeling like Beyoncé and your group fulfills the roll of hype man you've brought the right people. You got this girl.

If you're ready to book your appointment, give your shop a call or book directly online here. For more helpful tips before your appointment, be sure to check out our recent post on Planning the Dream Shopping Experience and What Really Happens at your Bridal Appointment.