After You Become an #aandbabe // The Dress Viewing Pt. 1

You’ve been waiting months and your dream wedding gown has finally arrived to a&be bridal shop! Now what?? As soon as your beautiful wedding dress arrives at the shop, a stylist will reach out with the exciting news. Once you get that phone call you’ve been waiting for, it’s time to set up your dress viewing! But what does that actually entail? Here are the top 5 things to know when it’s time to pick up you’re beautiful wedding dress.

1. We want to set up your appointment on a weekday ASAP. When we receive your gown, we inspect it for any blatant issues, but sometimes there are minor flaws we can’t see until we get the dress on your body. Remember, these dresses are often made by hand, so there can be variances in your dress from the original sample. We want to be absolutely sure that the dress we received is correct and fits your body how we anticipated when we ordered it. Our designers take the weekends off, so we want to be able to get in touch with them right away, which is why we ask that you take 1 hour out of your schedule to come in during the week. We know how busy your schedule can be, but the longer we wait to get you in the shop, the less time we have to fix any errors.

2. Come ready to put on YOUR wedding dress. If you know what shoes and undergarments you’ll be wearing, feel free to bring those along! But since we won’t be doing any alterations during this appointment, they certainly aren’t necessary.  We do, however, recommend that you come in feeling like your best self, (so coming straight from the gym with frizzy hair and no makeup can make you feel less than stellar when you step out in your gown.)  Just be sure to keep the self tanner and lipstick far away from your pristine gown! And feel free to bring a family member or gal pal in to share in this special moment!

IMG_0008 4.JPG

3. Be prepared for your dress not to fit like the pictures you’ve been drooling over of you in the sample. Your designer and stylist worked hard to order you the closest size possible to your measurements, but your gown is not made to your exact proportions. The sample you tried on was cliped and stretched by your stylist to give you an idea of what your dress will look like after a seamstress works her magic. And since this is your dress, we will not be clipping or clamping. It’s common for your bridal gown to need a nip and a tuck here and there, so do not be alarmed! This is your opportunity to talk through any fit concerns or questions with your stylist so that you feel 100% confident before you take your dress home. Your stylist can also provide you with a list of trusted local seamstresses.

4. Let’s complete your look! The fun doesn’t have to stop after you find your wedding dress.  We will set aside 60 minutes just for you to put the final touches on your bridal look with the perfect bridal accessories.  Veils?  Jewelry?  Headpieces?  We’ve got ‘em! And you will have plenty of time during this appointment to work with your expert stylist to select all of those beautiful details that will make your look so unique.

5. Last but not least, your remaining balance (if any) is due before you can take your gorgeous wedding dress home with you. We will store your dress for you for up to 30 days (or more with an additional fee), but you will more than likely want to take your wedding gown with you that day to start the alterations process.

Congratulations, you beautiful #aandbabe you! You have yourself the wedding dress of your dreams!  Next up, alterations. Be on the lookout for our next a&bé blog post discussing what to expect throughout the alterations process!