Get to know one of our favorite accessory designers // Amanda Judge of Untamed Petals


Wedding bells are ringing because the Spring/Summer wedding season are just around the corner! Everyone knows that a bride’s look isn’t complete without that something borrowed, something blue, and something NEW! Our a&bé Denver bridal shop is hosting an Untamed Petals wedding accessory trunk show the weekend of March 29-31, with designer Amanda Judge attending. It will be the perfect time for brides to preview the amazing 2018 Untamed Petals collection and round out their dream bridal look. The collection, which mixes bohemian whimsy with a serious glam factor, is sure to make a statement on your special day.

Meet Amanda Judge!

What could be better than meeting one of the designers of your dream bridal look? Amanda started Untamed Petals by creating headpieces for brides, as a personal creative outlet, in 2009. An overnight online sensation became a booming business, with Untamed Petals now being sold in stores nationwide and in ALL a&be’s across the country!

With #bossbabe Amanda coming to a&bé Denver for the trunk show, we wanted to ask her a few questions, so that our brides can get to know her and her brand better.

Q: As a total #GirlBoss, how did you come to start your own company?  And how does it feel to own your own company?

A: I actually started my company by chance. I was really just making things as a creative outlet but it completely took off and out of nowhere Untamed Petals was born! It feels so amazing going to work everyday as a master of my own destiny. It has also given my family such great flexibility to spend more time together now that my husband Nick has joined the company full time. We feel very proud of what Untamed Petals has become and can't wait to see what the future holds!

Q: What inspires you when designing new pieces?

A: I am usually inspired by the materials I find in the marketplace or high fashion runways. I am always admiring beading details and small fine details within the things around me. I love nature and floral components (hence the name) so usually I just sit down at my work table and let my hands do the work! Designing is one of my favorite things to do.

Q: Why should brides love Untamed Petals?

A: We think brides should love Untamed Petals for our authentic modern take on bridal. We are all about showing your personality on your wedding day and being yourself and accessories are a great way to do that. You can completely change up a look and make it your own by rocking a cool tiara or a pair of statement earrings. We love helping brides feel like the best version of themselves on such a special and important day in their lives.

Q: What are your two personal favorite pieces?

A: The Fleur Tiara and The Pandora Veil

'Fleur Tiara' by Untamed Petals

'Fleur Tiara' by Untamed Petals

'Pandora Veil' by Untamed Petals

'Pandora Veil' by Untamed Petals

From Rocky Mountain brides looking for something unique yet traditional to those looking for something fashion forward, Untamed Petals will certainly make a statement on your big day! Call a&bé Denver at 720.627.5760 today to set up your accessories appointment and check out Untamed Petals amazingly unique and romantic collection!