Best Weddings Dresses for Plus Size Brides

featured designers: Watters / Wtoo / Rebecca Schoneveld / Rish Bridal

Shopping for a Plus Size Wedding Dress

Plus Size Made Easy

Bridal gown shopping is a little scary and intimidating for every bride and that intimidation tends to get amplified when you’re a plus size bride. But as a curvy babe myself I can assure you it doesn’t have to be! The beautiful bridal world is finally catching up with the real one and is becoming more inclusive of all shapes and sizes and it’s a game changer. It used to be if you were plus size bride, you really only had options A,B, or C but now we have the whole damn alphabet! Hell yeah!

The really cool thing about being a bride is that it’s likely the only time in your life you will special order a garment like this made specifically for your body. Instead of shopping a rack at clothing store where they have just made the plus size clothes wider and called it a day without changing any other proportions, these are actually made with you in mind! The attention to fit will be the first thing you notice when you start trying on. Hello bust support without an underwire? Yeah. Believe it. We are so lucky here at a&bé to work with some designers who have created dresses and lines specifically for the cool girl curvy bride.

WToo Watters Plus Size Wedding Dresses


One designer who has always had your back is Watters and more specifically with their Wtoo line. (I mean they gave the all mighty Ashley Graham her first campaign so can we say trend setters?) With all wedding dresses available up to a size 32W the options are basically endless. You want classic? Got it. Bohemian? Sure thing. Modern? Girl, they got you covered All. Day. Long. Take a peek at some of our favs!

Rebecca Schoneveld Plus Size Wedding Dresses


Another designer killing the plus size bridal game is Rebecca Schoneveld. With all wedding dresses made by hand in her studio in Brooklyn these beauties are the quality you want for your wedding dress. Want to know what else is super cool about Rebecca? It doesn’t matter if you’re ordering a size 0 or a size 30 wedding dress, they are always the same price. AH.MAZING. No more up charge for larger sizing and it’s this girls dream come true. All of the dresses in her line she has dubbed “Women Of All Sizes” are also made so you can wear a bra. Yeah your own bra. No worries about the ladies going wild and having a party of their own. You’re going to feel comfortable and supported all night long! Not to mention they’re going to look real nice when you get those wedding photos back…. Scroll through our favs!

Rish Bridal Plus Size Wedding Dresses


Last but not least we have the cherry on top. Rish Bridal came into our lives right when we needed them. The main thing that was lacking in the plus size bridal world was a super rad bohemian line for all our curvy cool girls. Rish just wasn’t having that and created a plus size line that is not only beautiful but 100% exclusive for a&bé. You’ll never have to worry if everyone has already been married in your dress because you can only get it in our 6 shops in the whole wide world! There was a lot of jumping up and down when this news broke in our stores. The line is called Bohemian Curves by Rish and it is happily in it’s home at all of our locations. Made by hand in their studio in Tel Aviv these dresses are born for the unique indie bride who has decided to do life (and her wedding) on her own terms. We couldn’t be happier to call them ours.