Why Babes on a Mission Supports: Kind Campaign

Babes on a Mission is our way of giving back to the badass community of woman around us. With every purchase made we give a portion back to one of five charities that supports women! Kind Campaign is one of those five & you're going to want to hear why we love them.

Kind Campaign is about putting a stop to girl-on-girl bullying. They are on the ground in schools to ensure that the next generation of women walk into adulthood arm-in-arm supporting each other. Women supporting women in a real way is what Kind is all about.

These babes spreads their message with in-school assemblies, kind camps, and an award winning film that provides education around the subject of bullying and exposes the root of the issue leaving behind inspiration for young women to embrace each other and rise above a culture of competition and comparison.

The #aandbabe family is so proud to stand behind Kind Campaign and the millions of girls they have impacted with their message, "You are not alone."