Our Gown Crush from Designer Alyssa Kristin: The Sydney Gown


Alyssa Kristin stepped straight out of Chicago & into our hearts. I guess if you want to get technical she's still in Chicago where her American-made wedding gowns are hand crafted for our badass a&babe brides. When it comes to her collection there's a lot to love but the Sydney gown deserves a post all her own.

Why we love the Sydney gown with every damn inch of our hearts:


— We love her for the unique factor of that neckline. Slow clap for a fit we want more of but also love in part because of how novel it is.

— We love her for that fit & feel. Sydney is made with crepe fabric that you would never think to add shape wear to because it's built in, babe. Cheers to all the right curve hugging and none of the wrong clinging. I don't know how Alyssa does it but I'm glad she does.

— We love her for the options. Train? Babe, you can have a train for days. No train? No extra fee, we'll just leave it off because this gown is hand-made for you.

Who the Sydney gown was made for:

— Sydney is for the babe who wants to be sexy on wedding day without feeling scandalous.

— Sydney is for the babe who wants a dress that's simple enough to draw attention to her in all the best ways. Sydney makes the look even more about the bride babe than about the dress which is obviously a dream.

— Sydney is for our a&babes who see themselves as the embodiment of classic meets modern. This dress is that perfect juxtaposition come to life. You're welcome, babe. 

Love you, Sydney. Mean it.