Why Babes on a Mission Supports: She Should Run

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In the words of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, "Women belong in all places where decisions are being made." 

We mean all places including the government. That's where She Should Run steps in to encourage and empower women to take their place as elected officials in our nation. 

What is She Should Run?

She Should Run prepares women for a run for office. With seminars, educational tools, and straight up encouragement through many channels She Should Run is quite frankly, doing the damn thing. 

How does taking home your wedding dress support She Should Run?

The a&babe community contributes to this mission every time a wedding dress is purchased. A portion of all sales in our shops go to women focused charities and She Should Run is one of those.

Not to state the obvious, but we need women...

We need women. We all know it. She Should Run really knows it and has stepped up to encourage and empower women to run and win elections. We need women represented in every part of society but today we desperately need women in the government to stand up for our rights in this nation and beyond. We need women in the government to continue to make laws that protect us and to protect the laws already made that give us the freedom we enjoy. We need women represented in politics because our voices are unique and our perspectives are powerful.

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We are so damn proud to stand together with the a&babes across the country to support She Should Run and to support the women rising to occasion everywhere.