Why Babes on a Mission Supports: Girls Inc.


Girls Inc. is all about growing girls up to be healthy, educated, & independent. You know we are proud to get behind that! With every purchase made we donate a portion of sales to one of 6 non-profits that Babes on a Mission proudly represents. Allow me to fill you in on why Girls Inc. is one of them! 

Through mentorship Girls Inc. creates real relationships in safe and comfortable environments where young women are truly able to engage in their program and become empowered to live healthy lives, are offered academic support, and taught life skills.

These programs include STEM studying and the chance to learn from those in the field building careers. This fosters interest and shows young women this a possible career for them. They also include mental health programs, sexual education and health, and a focus on preventing harassment and abuse as well as supporting those who have been victims.

Girls Inc. is there for under-privileged communities, ensuring that every girl they connect with is empowered, supported, informed, and given opportunity. 

Babes on a Mission is proud to support Girls Inc as they endeavor to inspire all girls to be smart, strong, and bold.