Get to know the babes behind label, Jane Hill

Jane Hill wedding dresses are undeniably cool while also achieving elegant glamour simultaneously. We knew all this the moment we laid eyes on the Australian bridal line. What else we learned endeared us even more to the brand and the babes behind the scenes.

Sisters Jasmine and Bella took over for their mother when she passed in 2013. Their mother, Jane Hill was beloved and had established 25 years of trust as a leader in Australian bridal fashion.

The daughters spread the love for their mothers brand even further by allowing us at a&bé bridal shop the honor of being the first in the United States to carry the line that features so much modern elegance and is rooted in so much love.

When fashion forward design and quality meet at the top of the priority list you know you're in good hands. This is definitely the case for the babes at Jane Hill who create handmade perfection day after day. We love to support these babes who are kind, badass, and make unique wedding dresses that our a&babes have fallen in love with.

If you love the look of the modern & romantic Jane Hill styles as much as we do then you're in luck! You can find them in Dallas, Minneapolis, & Seattle.