Get to know a&bé bridal shop in Dallas, Texas!

As guests walk amongst handmade cacti and past our iconic “love” sign they are immediately welcomed by smiling stylists into a flood of bright whites and natural light flooding from skylights. Just as a gallery curates a collection, dresses are organized and gathered together against white walls and carefully placed editorial prints to make the perfect environment for brides to find their dream dress. There is no better description than that of stylist Jackie: “Our brides always comment on how beautiful the shop is and I really do believe that trying on dresses in a beautiful, well thought out space helps add to the specialness of the event - because who doesn't want to try on gorgeous dresses in a gorgeous space?!”


Nestled amongst home interior spaces, independent clothiers and modern art galleries lies a&bé bridal shop. The Design District has long been in the works, having sprouted from streets that were seemingly forgotten by most of the city, it is now one of the up and coming areas for all of your design related needs (as well as touting some tasty bites & killer lavender lattes). Tucked into a minimalist warehouse across from the Dallas Contemporary Art Museum, you’ll see peeks of lace and light that draw you into our Dallas storefront. Senior Stylist Sarah says “It has always seemed so suitable to me that we are located in the Design District of Dallas; Dallas’ best kept secret seems an appropriate place for brides to come and have their special moment. Being nestled away on Glass street speaks to our intimate vibe, our stylish but minimal approach to bridal and our constant seeking of the unique & individual.”


While there are multiple a&bé bridal shop locations, each of them is elevated not only by its location but by the women that work there. Each stylist or manager firmly embodies what a&bé bridal shop represents and every bride’s experience is a testament to that. We are constantly talking about what it means to be an “a&babe”, for each of us this holds a different variation of a similar definition. Senior stylist Casey believes that it means being in “a fun spirit of collaborating, unique style, celebrating, empowerment of other women by a women-owned company”- something that no doubt anyone could feel after walking into the shop. New stylist Shelby feels that her new role means “embracing your individuality and seeking beauty in all areas of life.” She talked about how a&bé has completely changed how she looks at communicating with other women & the empowerment behind her new job. Perhaps a favorite and most succinct way of describing what it means to us to work in such an amazing shop was best put into words by our shop assistant manager Aaren, “Being an a&babe means you’re a badass babe who knows who she is and isn’t afraid to walk the different path. You’re fun, genuine, and incredibly fierce.” Well said babe, well said.


Introducing the a&babes of Dallas:


Assistant Manager Aaren: “a&be really creates a dream-like space where you can also feel comfortable and have a great experience”

Senior Stylist Sarah: “Being an a&babe means that I get to support women to realize their full potential. It’s not just about wedding dresses, it’s about the person in dress”

Senior Stylist Casey: “I love our cozy fitting rooms & welcoming space. Each bride and her crew have a cozy spot to hang out & try dresses & enjoy being together.”

Stylist Blair: “Everyone in this company is just so proud to be a part of it, including myself, and the pride that everyone takes in their work is beyond inspiring.”

Stylist Jackie: “Being an a&babe means working for a company I love that has values and vision I want to get behind. From a&be's owners to its stylists, everyone is passionate about loving people.”

Stylist Shelby: “I love our location and aesthetic! Our shop has a ton of natural light so it is really hard to be in a bad mood, ever!”