dallas Sample Sale!  //  thursday, JANUARY 18th frOm 12p-8p

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If you are looking for a great deal on a dress, then our first ever Dallas Sample Sale is for you! For one day only, on Tuesday, March 20th from 12:00p-6:00p, we will be selling dozens of our sample gowns at steep discounts. Below are lots of helpful tips and FAQs to help determine if our sample sale is the route for you!

You can expect to find beautiful styles from Rue De SeineTara LatourTheiaRebecca Schoneveld and other favorites for 40-80% off!

To make sure that your experience is fun and stress free, we do require appointments. Call 972-807-2597 to schedule your sample sale spot today and save on your wedding dress!

EARLY! in this case THE EARLY BIRD
really does GET THE WORM! CALL US
AT 972-807-2597


#1: This sample sale is by appointment only. All appointments must be scheduled over the phone by calling 972-807-2597.

#2. This is a one-day sale and due to the limited nature of appointments, you will be asked to share a fitting room with other brides. 

#3. Generally, sample sizes work best for brides who wear between a 4-8 in ready-to-wear clothing, but keep in mind that you will still need alterations.  

#4. Come to this appointment ready to buy! Do a little pre-shopping elsewhere so you know what you are looking for. 

#5. All sales are first come, first sold. 


Navigating a sample  sale can be tricky business but we have scores of brides who have gotten their dream gown for a serious discount at one of our sample sales. 

In order to help you figure out if you could be one of them, here's a couple of things to consider: are you able to make a decision quickly or do you need lots of opinions and/or mom's approval before making your final choice? are you a street size 4-8 and average height? is there one particular dress that you absolutely have to try on or have? 

There's no wrong answers here, but sample sales can be a bit hectic {there's lots of fashionistas on a budget} and so we cannot hold a gown. This means that when you find your dress, you have to be ready to make that split second decision. 

And please know, for this one-day sale we are going to be EXTREMELY aggressive with our pricing so you can spend more time shopping and less time haggling. 

Happy Shopping!  xoxo