Real Wedding: Liz & Jon

OMG you guys - This wedding is totally amazing! The bride customized her Rebecca Schoneveld bridal gown to show just a touch of skin and we think she totally nailed it. Ever heard of a wedding where there is an actual tattoo artist in attendance to give actual tattoos? We hadn't either, until now! Check out the bride's recap of their wedding and the wedding planning process. 


From the Bride: Jon and I always knew we wanted our wedding to be more non-traditional, no to: walking-down the aisle, flowers, officiant, yes to: free tattoos for our guests, full-open bar, and dance party.  We wanted to create a flow that would keep up the energy, while not alienating our older guests. We started the night with food and cocktails, and then a set from one of favorite bands (who are luckily our good friends) South of France. After the band played, Jon and I married ourselves, which concluded with the throwing of custom-made confetti from Impromptu Company. Our marriage was followed by an encore of South of France, desserts, and toasts from a few of our closest friends. Then it was full on dance party for the remainder of the night.

Space gallery allowed us to have multiple areas of activities for our guest –– tattoos on the mezzanine ( the sign up list grew to over forty –– only fourteen got tattooed), photobooth from Chipper Booth downstairs, food trucks outside (Pinche Tacos and Yatai Sushi), and an amazing fringe curtain made by Impromptu Company in the sculpture garden that turned into a great photo backdrop and conversation piece. 

For Jon and I our relationship is really about more than us, it's about our wonderful friends and family and all the amazing memories they have helped us make. We really wanted to celebrate them. Before we said our vows, we said a toast and raised a glass to our friends and family, the love I felt at that moment, having everyone I love in one place, was the best feeling in the world. While that's always going to be my favorite memory, a close second is Jon's great aunt Janice taking a shot off of our friend Matt's stomach while he was getting tattooed –– certainly not something you can say about every wedding. 

WEDDING GOWN:  Rebecca Schoneveld via A & Bé. For the dancing portion of the night I transitioned into a ballerina-pink leather mini skirt by Zoe Twitt from Goldyn. 

JEWELRY: I went to Goldyn and told Vanessa Barcus, the owner, that I needed some accessories. I wanted something that made a statement. The crystal necklace I wore was actually a crown by Zoe Twitt, I wore it as a crown for the dance party later in the night. 

PHOTOGRAPHY: Our official Photographer was Chip Kalback at White Gown Photography, but we also set up an instagram hashtag #jonvsliz we encourages all our friends to post to

EVENT PLANNING/STYLING: The incredible styling was put together by Tara and Katie at Impromptu Company::

FLORIST: Instead of flowers we made geodesic domes out of painted straws and wire. They were great and became almost like concert beach balls later in the night. 

CAKE: The dessert table was put together by our good friend Lindsay who owns . The display was the coolest thing I'd ever seen done with food. 

VENUE: Space Gallery

BAR : The bar program was done by our good friends Mary and McLain who own Proper Pour

MUSIC: Early night music provided by one of our favorite bands: South of France, Late night dancing and abiance provided by Matthew Brown

TATTOOS: Tattoos were provided by Jher Seno from Landmark Tattoo