Real Wedding: Christi + Kou :: Intimate Palm Springs Wedding in Nicole Miller

Christi just might be the coolest chick ever. I knew the second she walked in the door with her fringe leather jacket and killer ankle boots she was right where she belonged. At first we were trying on things with a lot of detail and were really out of the box. Then when it came down to styling I was realizing our options were kind of limited. Now with a girl like Christi that isn't going to fly. She had stacks of bracelets and a coolest necklace sitting in the dressing room and I knew we had to incorporate that into her look. So we went to the opposite end and pulled Morgan by Nicole Miller which is really clean and sleek and then accessorized it until it looked like it was made for her. It couldn't have been more perfect. And how cute is her baby bump? They way the fabric stretches and fits for her growing little one also made this dress perfect. The second I saw one of her photos I knew it was going to be one of the best weddings I had ever seen and holy smokes did it not disappoint. 

-Emily, a&bé stylist


Photography by: Logan Cole Photography