a&bé stylebook | volume 4


Our brides personify our shoot location for our 2015 stylebook—the Walker Art Center. The Walker is found around the corner from our shop, in our Minneapolis neighborhood of Loring Park.

Our styling and dress selections mimic variegated marble, and the crisp and stoic white of the Walker’s interiors. The Walker’s angular windowed walls are rendered in the necklines and back shapes in our bevy of bridal gowns. Our brides are fearless, unwavering and smoothly flirtatious. We’ve chosen to weave pages of grayscale with pages of whitewash and pastels to display just how intensely deconstructed, yet simultaneously soft our brides are. Intertwining exaggerated geometric shapes, with a polished comfortable aesthetic, is conveyed on the pages of our latest stylebook. We’re confident that our brides, the brides we’ve depicted on the pages of our latest stylebook, are of a certain romantic luck, and we hope you enjoy!

Photography: Canary Grey Photography

Floral: Whimsy Floral Design

Hair & Make-up: Alibi Salon 

Venue: Walker Art Center

amanda grosgebauer