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With over 30 years of design experience, the Wtoo collection by Watters and Watters understands the modern bride. The line embraces femininity and elegance, while adding a little something unexpected to each design.  From non-traditional lace patterns, to unexpected color choices, each piece is completely unique, while maintaining a traditional bridal feel. Wtoo is available at all of our a&bé bridal shop locations, and the price range from our stores that carry Wtoo gowns range from $1,100-$2,000.

a&bé’s Current favorite wedding dresses from Wtoo by watters*

*please check with your local a&bé to see specifically what gowns are carried at your location

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Discover wtoo bridal designer, Vatana Watters 


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Although the Watters brand is tried and true, the designs are some of the freshest on the market. Vatana Watters continues to be at the heart of the company and is passionately involved in setting the design tone. Her inspirations emanate from her heritage, experience on both coasts and the desire to reflect the spirit of the times. Vatana recognizes that design is where it starts, but not where it ends.