Anna Campbell's Latest Wedding Collection is More Flattering Than Ever!

It's safe to say that Anna Campbell is one of the most buzzed about new designers to come onto the bridal scene in the past few years. This Australian designer has captured the hearts of so many a&bé brides, and it's clear why: her gowns evoke ease and elegance while highlighting a brides best features with the most exquisite beadwork

It's easy to say yes to an Anna Campbell gown once you discover her vast customization options that will make your dress perfectly suited to you and your wedding. Between different colors, skirt shapes, and fabric options you are going to find it hard to wear only one! Not to mention the fact that all of Anna's gowns are ethically made and hand sewn in her Melbourne studio. Probably one of our stylist team's favorite aspects of this collection is the wide variety and flexibility in the price point. With those customization options on each gown come varying prices. The collection can range from $2850-$8500 with the majority between $3135-$4275. 

In the past, all of Anna's gowns have been wrap-style, meaning you use a system of sashes to tie your dress into place. These gowns offer flexibility, comfort, and ease of alterations that our boho brides have come to know and love. Just when we thought her gowns couldn't get any better (I mean, come on, that beading!) she wowed us at New York Bridal Fashion Week with a stunning new range of silhouettes. These gowns feature a more traditional bridal structure, with the same amount of customizations as her initial collections. The beading on these gowns is next level, and the best part is you can now purchase multiple beaded toppers to change your look throughout your wedding! 

Let's get real, Anna is such an innovator in this industry. Not only can her gowns not be replicated (that beadwork is patented ladies!), but she is making stunningly embellished gowns at an affordable price point for our large community of brides who crave her timeless, vintage inspired gowns. Ready to try these gowns on for yourself? See the whole bridal collection in our a&bé bridal shops in denver, minneapolis, and dallas!