Launching Laudae Bride at a&bé bridal shop

Let's chat about the talk of the town shall we? Coming soon to all four a&be bridal shops (denver, minneapolis, dallas and miami) Laudae has all the elegance and fun one would expect from the sister brand to our beloved Truvelle line. The warm tones and gorgeous fit caught our eye right when we needed a fresh take on flirtatious.

We love that Laudae keeps it in the family. Gaby Bayona and her mother, Merly, are the dream team. Gaby grew up around her mother's custom bridal business learning quality craftsmanship while still letting her creativity run wild. Branching out - Gaby began Truvelle a few short years ago with tremendous success. Now with the birth of Laudae the bride looking for a more sophisticated (and dare we say sexy) look will get the joy of benefiting from the Bayona's amazing ability to create unique and timeless pieces that draw inspiration from their cross generation dynamic.

Attention to detail is exemplified in everything from their designs - down to the very name of the line! The significance of the name is truly fascinating. Two French words were taken into account upon creation of Laudae. The first being, "Laudable", which means deserving praise and the second, "Aubade", which means a love song sung at dawn. Apparently, it's usually a dialogue between parting lovers. Even the romance in the title is almost too much! If you're curious about pronunciation here's an explanation in Gaby-speak, "It's Laudae. Like, 'Get low today.' Low-day!"
Overall, we have fallen for this fun seeped brand and are eager to get their styles in our shops and on our brides. You never know, you may even be our very first Laudae bride. Make a call to your nearest a&be for more details on timing of arrival. We look forward to gushing over Laudae with you in person very soon.

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