Your Guide to Bridal Accessories

If the dress makes the bride then the accessories speak for her….
Wedding gowns have become so much more unexpected these days. From classic to contemporary, dresses have evolved to allow a bride to be as much herself as she desires on her big day.

But being yourself does not stop with the dress. There are so many amazing touches of gold, silver and tulle that can take a look over the edge to complete customization. So many times we see brides with a Pinterest board full of their “dream dresses” but at the end of the day the earrings, cuffs, hair chains and veils are what take that “dream dress” from Pinterest to reality.

It’s not just your mother’s veil anymore! From long cascading lace veils to something sassy and modern the traditional veil is not a bride’s only option these days. Just as dresses have evolved and branched out to intertwine with a variety of styles, so has the veil! Indeed a hand sewn lace veil is swoon worthy but in great contrast, an edgy birdcage or leaf trimmed tulle can just as well take your breath away.

Just as varied and equally as exciting are the abundance of amazing sparkly things a gal can add to her bridal look. Head-vines can rest among curls or twist into braids. 

Belts can spark up the waistline and add an extra "umph" to a classic look.

Earrings can add just the right amount of edge to a girl who is wanting to stand out in a crowd. \

Even more appealing? These accessories don’t have to sit in your gown box for decades to come. How many brides wish their wedding dress wasn’t just a one night wear? For the girl looking to get the biggest bang for your buck look no further, pair that belt with an over-sized oxford on your next girls night out or pull out the statement earrings for an upcoming company dinner.

Each of our shops carry a unique assortment of bridal accessories that will compliment your gown for the big day and beyond — visit your local shop's designer page to find out who we carry!