Get to know one of the newest a&bé designers // Daughters of Simone

Brit and Ash are the oh-so-cool sister duo behind the bohemian bridal brand Daughters Of Simone; the coveted line now gracing a&bé bridal shops in Dallas and Miami. When we asked these bridal babes what inspired their newest collection, Sunshine of My Love, we were flooded with imagery; of fabrics, tattoos, doodles, quotes and poems. My favorite prose that was part of this inspiration was penned by Nikita Gill, and sums up the vibe cohesively, “Some days I am more wolf than woman and I am still learning how to stop apologising for my wild.”

The iconic name of the brand has its own interesting story. It was inspired by Simone De Beauvoir, a writer and an out-of-the-box thinker. A woman who went against the grain by speaking her mind during a time when women were not encouraged to do so. Daughters of Simone gowns represent a style which goes against the norm, and supports the fearless, adventurous and nontraditional woman.

In describing the mantra and ethos of Daughters of Simone, the girls elaborated,  “Every place on earth houses a few women unlike the rest. They are vagabonds and free spirits. The dreamers and the starry eyed. They come from a generation of non-traditionalists, casting aside the princess illusion of yesteryear in exchange for just simply being....themselves. Daughters Of Simone is dedicated to these types because they inspire us to see living in a whole new way. They are our kind of girls. The modern outsiders, bound to freedom with the spirit of rebellion.”

Designer Brit gave the a&babes a heads up to something possibly on the horizon, “We’re hoping to launch a capsule collection... Two words: bell bottoms!” We can't wait to see what this will entail!

Brit and Ash are empowered and talented women who create. They create not only gowns that make our bohemian brides feel and look their most beautiful on their wedding day, but they have created a bridal tribe, a community of women that embrace all that make them unique. Encouraging the modern bride to be her raw, unconventional and truest self. Let the a&bé team know how you are holding on to your inner she-wolf and keeping your authentic vibe on your wedding day.

You can find Daughters of Simone at our Dallas and Miami locations. Contact your shop for more details and to schedule your appointment today!