Daughters of Simone is founded by California babes, Ashley and Brit Castanos who are sisters that design bridal gowns for the fearless, adventurous and nontraditional bride. Paying homage to the mavens of the 1970's, their wedding dress collections feature a romantic and vintage vibe with intricate crochet laces, feminine scalloped trims, and sweeping trains. The namesake of the line -- Simone de Beauvoir-- is a free thinking spirit who embodies the life of everything at Daughters of Simone, lending her vibe to each bride's individuality and sense of self. The Daughters of Simone wedding gown collection is carried in Dallas and Miami.

Daughters of Simone Prices

The collection starts at $1750.


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Wedding dress designer Daughters of Simone

A little Q&A with the designer:

Q. What is your design inspiration?

Brit: Our stuff has always been inspired by women. Women who live in a world all their own. As if nothing hardens them. Those all around who inspire us. We try to take these qualities and incorporate them into our designs, our philosophy, and what we want to be.

Q. Tell me two little-known facts about you

Ash: SF is my happy place and I’m a sucker for the harmonica

Brit: 1.) Proud to be a woman. 2.) Concerts are my meditation & my church.

Q. Describe your personal style

Ash: Laid back California, bell bottoms, vintage blouses, and boots... but I when I go out: fur and lots of sequins - I would wear a mix of these every day if it was appropriate.

Brit: A bit tomboy meets rock and roll. My husband doesn't like when I borrow his clothes…:)

Q. What is your favorite article of clothing

Ash: My vintage yellow leather fringe jacket, I call it my concert jacket and wear it to almost every show.

Brit: My ‘The Laundry Room’ jean jacket, and a black Reformation dress that I’ve worn so many times the bottom hemline is ripped up.

Q. Favorite vacation spot:

Ash: Only been once, but I’d have to say Byron Bay Australia was pretty rad.

Brit: Yes! What she said.

Q. When did you know that you were going to design bridal?

Brit: The best part is that I never had any intention to do so. When thinking about what I’d want to wear on my own wedding day, I realized that the vintage style, which suited me, was impossible to find. The dream blossomed from there.

Q. Who is your style icon?

Ash: Kate Moss, Olsens, Freja Beha Erichsen, Jane Birkin Ahhh So Many!

Brit: Brittany Howard, Jemima Kirke, Lykke Li, Patti Smith, Charlotte Kemp

Q. Last great book you read?

Brit: Just read Amy Schumer's new book and it was seriously so good!

Q. Any advice for brides?  

Ash: Never ask what your supposed to do at/with your wedding, create your own “normal”. There are no rules. Not anymore.

Brit: Yes, to the above! And, on a more boring literal level, also hit up hashtags on insta whenever you’re looking for something specific. I find it wayyy better than google. My husband and I found all of the tent and decor people for our wedding on hashtags alone.