5 things to do now that you're engaged

You said “YES!”. Now it’s time to get you to “I DO”

Your favorite person popped the question? You're engaged? Babe, congrats. Call your BFF, parents and other loved ones because you’re getting married! The days after getting engaged should be filled with champagne toasts and we wanted to keep things fun and easy by giving a few pointers to help make your wedding planning process easy and fun!

1. Set the tone for your big day! Create an inspo board and set price goals

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Creating an inspiration board for your wedding can help you hone in on the aesthetic you want from everything related to the feel of your wedding gown and hair and makeup to the design elements of the actual wedding ceremony, and mood of the reception. 

2. Pick a wedding date. But don’t commit, yet.

Picking your ideal wedding date is the first step but booking your wedding date is the next. Both are best done in the beginning of your planning process because your wedding date will set the course for everything else! Remember that choosing atypical days (ie. a Friday or Sunday) can also give you a break on the overall price while also being more likely to be available. Once you’ve picked your date you can begin inquiring about availability at the venues of your preference. The venue may not have the date you pick available, but it has the following weekend available. Get it locked down and onto the next, babe.

3. Time to shop. No, it’s not too early.


You should begin shopping immediately after you pick your wedding date. Wedding gowns are typically made-to-order and can take four to six months to be constructed. However, you want to give yourself an additional two to four months for alterations. The overall process can take 6 -10 months to have your dress ready to walk down the aisle.

That being said, if you are reading this later in the process of your wedding planning, at a&bé we can accommodate shorter wedding time frames, some of our designers offer no rush fees on selected wedding gowns and some can be rushed for a charge. Girl, we got you! Just call us so we can help set you up with an appointment asap!

4. Let’s stay on dresses a little longer. Keep these pointers in mind while shopping.

t’s okay if you don't know what you want when you shop! Most of us actually pick a wedding dress completely different from what we thought we’d like on Pinterest. Your bridal stylist will help you figure out all the things you love, hate and never thought you’d like. Trust her; she’s got your back.

And when you have the “ah-ha!” moment accompanied maybe by tears, or the calm realization that you are actually getting married, savor that moment. Once you've found THE dress, we will cheers with a toast, then check “wedding dress” off your list and move on to the next item on your planning list!

5. Remember that you are in love, and that’s the whole damn point!

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The best advice we have is to remain focused on why you are doing all of this exciting planning! Indulge in dates that allow you to connect with your partner outside of wedding planning! Talk about the big life things, enjoy the little moments, and keep in mind that the end goal is that you are committing to each other! Your focus is this person that you can't imagine life without, and you both get to have a kick-ass party that celebrates your unique love. 

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