Elopements are for Lovers


Elopements are for the couple that wants to focus on their love without all the fuss of a larger "traditional" wedding. The ability to pair down the details, highlight the backdrop & really, just to have a kick-ass honeymoon, is what eloping is all about! 


Back in 2014 I had come to a crossroad with my business. It was either time to open a floral shop, or it was time to move onto the next adventure. When a floral shop opened in my Downtown Las Vegas home, I was forced to think about business differently. What was realistic? What were my skill sets? I saw a gap in the wedding market & I pounced! Keeping my pop-up wedding idea a secret for several months, I built a little teardrop trailer that would soon become my mobile "chapel" of sorts. Then, I did a wedding & it's been an overnight success! 


I meet couples from all over the world, that's truly my favorite part. But aside from that, I wanted to travel, so I found a way to do that & get paid to be my own boss!  There's something about these little weddings that attract very like-minded people & when I say like-minded, I mean this: They're not fussy. They are bold & confident. They put all their wants before what others feel or think about them. In my opinion, that's how it should be. It's your love & your relationship, own it in every way possible. 


A favorite wedding of mine took place on a boat in Lake Mead! It was during the summer, so it was fairly hot, muggy even. & guess what? The couple decided to jump into the water after saying "I do!" with full wedding attire on. White dress & all! 

photography credits: Gaby J Photography and Aimlee Photography

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