Calla Blanche Gowns | For the Modern + Glamorous Bride

Every bride wants to feel amazing and special on their wedding day. That is the most common thing we hear when brides are asked what they are looking for in a wedding gown. “Special” and “beautiful” are definitely the bread and butter of one of our favorite designers, Calla Blanche at our Miami and Seattle bridal shop locations.

These wedding dresses take “glam” to a whole new level, and every bride who walks out is a total show-stopper. Every single one of these wedding dresses is oozing with drama and sex appeal in all the right ways.

Sometimes the wedding gowns are literally COVERED in sparkles and glitter like the Carissa gown. This wedding dress is sleek while still having amazing detail.

Calla Blanche is also the best at what we call “pinterest trains”. You know those wedding dress trains you see on Pinterest but can never find in a store for less than $10,000. Well, Calla Blanche truly is making your dreams come true. Take Yasmine and even a ball gown wedding dress like Matilda and Odelia for a few examples.

One of the biggest draws to this line is the price point as well. Most everything is under $3000!! It is a really great feeling knowing that you will get such a great fit without having to sacrifice your price point.

If you ARE a modern day princess, Calla Blanche is seriously a perfect fit.