Top 3 2018 Bridal Trends from NYBFW

Hold on to your hats brides because Spring 2018 bridal market is one we won’t be forgetting! With each season, trends get more exciting and more tailored to the bride looking to make a statement. While every dress was no doubt a stunner there were a few ongoing trends that stood out among the rest.

Wedding Dresses With Gorgeous, Detailed Sleeves


While sleeves are no doubt anything new in the realm of the wedding world, this year’s approach is far and wide. From long and airy to sweet off the shoulder details, wedding dresses are sure to be arm adorning this year. Hayley Paige has long been a shop favorite and this market only reaffirmed what we already knew with her unique approach to off-the-shoulder wedding gowns. Combining her classic silhouette with playful sleeve details was no doubt a show stopper, and sure to be a hit with brides. Rebecca Schoneveld also utilized her love of separates to step up her sleeve game. Using textured laces and unique detailing, her gowns will be a winner for the classic bride looking for a cool twist on the long-sleeve lace wedding dress.

Capes + Wedding Dresses = Super (Fabulous) Brides


Added elements are a key factor to the Spring 2018 bridal world, not only with sleeves but with amazing add-ons like capes. What better way to wow a crowd of loved ones than with a unique cape that adds that extra layer of something special to an already amazing wedding dress. As usual Alexandra Grecco did not disappoint with her combinations of refined modern wedding gowns paired with the most exciting little details. Grecco’s pairing of flirty slip wedding gowns with amazing vine and pearl covered midi capes could excite even the most chill soul. Theia also rocked the cape in their Spring line, pairing a contemporary deep-v wedding gown with an ornately beaded full-length cape. Both looks are sure to wow this coming wedding season and each catering to a totally different bride. From the modern to the traditional, we are sure to see more of the cape trend this year!


Color, Prints, and Wedding Dresses, OH MY!


Each year we see boundaries pushed further and further in the realm of color and prints in the wedding industry. Spring 2018 only brought us closer to what we all fantasize in terms of the colored wedding gown. Designers like Rue de Seine brought their A game, pushing the envelope further towards the boho bride’s dream wedding dress. Other designers like Hayley Paige added new colors like smokey grey to her already diverse palate of cashmeres and blush. For the bride looking to step away from the traditional white gown there is surely something for everyone in this new trend.

2018 is the Year of the Modern Bride

We are so excited for all of the new things coming to stores this year. From brides that are going glam to the laid back modern bride there is definitely something new for everyone. Let the countdown begin, brides! It’s time to get excited for what’s to come!