Tara LaTour's Brand New Line: Rose+Williams

You Saw [Rose + Williams] Here First

Get the first look at Tara LaTour's BRAND NEW wedding dress collection Rose + Williams which is available now in our Minneapolis bridal shop. There are very few things we love more then a party. There are even less things that we love more then a party with Tara LaTour. So it’s fairly safe to assume we’re more than excited for our big night here in MPLS launching Tara’s new line Rose+Williams!


About Tara LaTour's Rose + William Wedding Dress Collection

Rose+Williams was born out of the love of her more senior line but with the added approachability with price point. A true Minnesota girl at heart (one of the reasons we’re obsessed with her) Tara is inspired by everything this beautiful place has to offer. All the dresses are named after streets in Minneapolis which makes our hometown pride very excited. Say hello to her at the party and we give it about 30 seconds until she is gushing about all the things she loves about MPLS. We really are so honored that she chose to launch the line right here with us! What can we say we throw a good party.

See Rose + William At Our Minneapolis Bridal Shop

On Thursday August 23rd we’ll be popping champagne (and some craft beer cans) and saying cheers to the amazing woman that is Tara Latour and the incredible things she has accomplished with this line. There will be lots of sweets and quite possibly some dancing that inevitably comes along with the drinking of those adult beverages.

And That's Not All...

The room will be filled with brides and industry pros alike all here for a great evening of celebrating. It also doesn’t hurt that we’ll be giving away $2,000 towards a Rose+Williams gown or that Katie Kopan will be giving away a discount on a full day of wedding photography. You will also get to see the beautiful dresses in action! There will be a model installation giving you a chance to see not only how the dresses look but how they move. But until then, you can sneak a peek at the Rose+Williams collection here!

Join Us For An Epic Party!

Is it possible that this is the most excited we’ve ever been for one of our parties? Is it also possible that this will be the best one yet? I mean we do have a reputation to protect. We’ll meet you on the dance floor!