Our Favorite Bridal Trends from NYBFW

New York Bridal Fashion Week was a success. We always leave market inspired by our designers creativity & excited to share the trends with our a&babes.

We polled the crew & these are some of our favorite trends from market brought to you by a few of the a&babes...


a&babe Kait coined the phrase, "prairie vibes but gucci" & that sums up how she feels about the ruffle trend. Basically, give me all the ruffles. Thanks.


a&babe Aaren was all about the minimalism which worked out perfectly because simple & straightforward fits with lush fabrics ruled this market.


A bit of a departure from the minimalism we just chatted about, a&babe Jordan developed a love for the bubble sleeve situation we saw from Alexandra Grecco. Hell yes to a taste of the 80's...but make it modern.


a&babe Bethany never met a neckline too high. The look was done by Watters and Vagabond among others and gave off a modern yet classic feel that our #aandbabe brides have been asking for!

In fall of this year you'll see even more of these looks from April 2019 NYBFW in shop. Can't wait to hear what you think of them, babe