Why Babes on a Mission Supports: I Am That Girl

"A girl's physical, emotional, and mental well-being is rooted in her self-worth, and we are living in an epidemic of self-doubt." That's where I Am That Girl comes in to play.


What is I Am That Girl?

I Am That Girl is a safe space for girls to connect and express self doubt to get to self love. With local chapters, an app, and research backed curriculum I Am That Girl does the work of putting an end to poor mental health caused by poor sense of self worth.

What does your a&bé dress have to do with I Am That Girl?

At a&bé we have a program called Babes on a Mission that supports women focused charities by donating a portion of every wedding dress sale! I Am That Girl is one of the non-profits we are proud to support.


Being seen, heard, & finding belonging is something we know now as women would have made all the difference as girls therefore we have all the love in the world for I Am That Girl's efforts to shift girl culture.

They are raising the standard for how we treat ourselves and each other by teaching young women to love themselves and give back to their communities. Right on, I Am That Girl.

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