First Step: Find the Gown. Next: Complete your Bridal Look

We love a good dress. While that is obvious, you may not know that we are equally as enthusiastic about completing the full look with all of the finishing touches that make your bridal style completely one-of-a-kind. For some babes that means keeping it really simple, and for others we are adding on a lot of small details. We are masters of the whimsical-veil-look, and big fans of how jewelry can match a brides modern, classic, and romantic vibes alike.

When it comes to veils, you can go super simple or add a lot of drama depending on your personal style and veil choice. Either route you choose, a veil will add a dreamy element  you can't deny. We've never met a bride who regrets wearing a veil but, we have met a babe who wishes she had gone the veil route. Veils definitely contribute to the magic of your wedding photos...and they are fun! Hence all the twirling in these photos.

Jewelry can be so subtle or it can be a statement. We carry modern metal pieces from Lia Terni, super romantic cool-girl looks from Untamed Petals, statement quartz options from Emma Katzka, and more classic pieces from Sara Gabriel.

When you pick up your dress we treat you to a complimentary styling appointment where we will take the time to talk about your full wedding day look. We'll help you with everything from envisioning your hair, to selecting the perfect accessories. We love being a part of this process with you, babe. 

all images by The Jeno Collective