Why Babes on a Mission Supports: Movemeant Foundation

Babes on a Mission is the way our a&babe community gives back! With every dress purchase made we give a portion of the sale to one of 5 charities that supports women in our communities. Movemeant is one of those!

Movemeant Foundation serves young women by enabling them with the tools to be active. The babes behind the mission see the epidemic of perfection and are waging a war with the lie of beauty standards while focusing on healthy, active, and nutritious living. Feeling more confident about your body as a young girl would have made a big difference in your life as a woman, right? Thank goodness for Movemeant and the work they are doing to empower the next generation of women. 

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Fitness and physical movement is their primary platform for social change and they strive to be a catalyst for creating a new era of healthy, strong and self-assured young women. From body-positive and fitness curriculums to education on healthy eating Movemeant is training middle school girls to take charge of their bodies. They are actively creating a world where women celebrate their bodies and appreciate themselves in such a way where they prioritize physical movement and self care. 

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We are proud to stand with Movemeant, supporting them and the young women they empower through our Babes on a Mission program.